Shoot My Travel

Shoot My Travel

Marketplace Connecting Customers and Professional Photographers Across the World

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Miami, FL
Offering Date
July 06, 2021
Expected Close Date
September 25, 2021
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Company Description

Marketplace connecting customers and professional photographers across the worldOn their own, customers face too many hurdles finding and hiring a reliable, professional photographer. Businesses want a professional photography partner who will deliver consistent, high-quality products at a fair, clear rate. Families want a personal photographer who can  capture their memories while they live in the moment. Individuals want an affordable, local photographer who listens and works with them to realize their photographic goals.The process of hiring a photographer is overwhelming, time-consuming, and costly - which can lead to disappointing results.Without support, they can waste precious time searching the internet and social media only to be overwhelmed by thousands of photographer profiles and websites with nothing to vouch for reliability and professionalism. They must then wade through obscure and varied pricing packages, no two photographers charging the same and many unclear on their deliverables.Angle aims to be the resource for all photographic needs. We believe our guiding principles of versatility, ingenuity, and collaboration make us the go-to creative photographic partner for every business, family, and individual. Our marketplace has over 950 photographers with a growing waitlist and has collectively captured over 7,500 photoshoots since inception. Our revenue and bookings were consistently growing until the pandemic severely restricted travel in 2020. However, we still achieved meaningful bookings in 2020, and we believe our activity will continue to pick up and grow in 2021 and beyond.

Key Deal Facts

Achieved over $170K in revenue in 2019 and $37K in revenue in travel-restricted 2020 (unaudited)
Achieved over 150% average growth in bookings YoY from inception (2017) through 2019 (unaudited)
Marketplace has completed over 7,500 photoshoots since inception
Raised over $1.3M since inception from key investors: LAUNCH (Jason Calacanis) and Ludlow Ventures
Over 950 vetted professional photographers on the marketplace with a growing waitlist

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Valerie Lopez, Photographer & CEO
Female founder and leader, world explorer, visionary, content director, photojournalist with over 12 years of experience in lifestyle and travel. In 2020 named one of Avianca’s 100 most influential latinos and a Colombian Ambassador of Marca Pais.

Camilo Rojas, Chief Product & Creative Director
Brand and art director, global explorer, innovative, multidisciplinary designer and conceptual artist, over 12 years of elevating and adding value to national and international brands such as L’Oreal, Nike and Goldman Properties.

Andres Echeverry, Chief Operations Officer
Entrepreneur, world traveler, intuitive, turning ideas into viable business ventures for the past 15 years. Since 2017 has provided the backbone of operational, day-to-day functions of a growing, international team.

Dainel Vera, Chief Tech "Wizard"
Dainel has a large appetite for scrumptious ruby code. Involved in cryptocurrency since 2013, he has worked on projects ranging from Embedded Systems to Bitcoin ATM software.He has a gorgeous cat named Emi, who he rescued from Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria.
Amount Raised : $245,746
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