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Software that helps anyone tell better stories

It’s tougher than ever to earn someone’s attention. Hollywood knows it, influencers know it, and so do you. That’s why they all turn to Prewrite. Prewrite gives solo creators and teams easy access to the tools & techniques of the “writers’ room,” built for today’s content landscape. Whether it’s a social post, a video, a series, a campaign, a course, or anything else, Prewrite helps you craft the big picture, fine-tune every detail, and better prepare your stories to cut through the noise.

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Security Type
Min Investment
Chicago, IL
Offering Date
July 13, 2021
Expected Close Date
October 11, 2021
IPO Date


Samuel Pro, CEO/CTO
Creator of technology and businesses that solve problems and innovate in the areas of science, advertising, athletic training, and most recently storytelling.

David Rogers, Head of Product
Experienced product manager and UI/UX designer with a background in film production, motion design and video editing.

Trent Anderson, CMO
Scaled marketing agency from $250K to $8M in revenue as first biz dev hire. Active creator in podcast, YouTube, and social media.

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Key Deal Facts

SaaS web app launched 2020.
6K+ signups, 400 monthly active users, and 120 subscribers.
$1K MRR, +20% MoM growth for 1st year.
Used by creators at Netflix, HBO, Disney, BBC, and more.
Opportunity to address market of 300M+ creators.
Educational platform for creators of all ages and levels of experience.
Team of creators/developers with decades of experience building and launching SaaS products.