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The Only Company with a Multi-Industry Incentivized Proximity Ecosystem!

We provide multiple services including but not limited to; Incentivized Proximity Marketing using our proximiner devices such as Round device, ijasTablet, and wearables, we also offer pet monitoring, e-commerce, FREE mobile application, and ijasWebinar for business online AI presentation. 

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Security Type
Min Investment
Oxnard, CA
Offering Date
July 14, 2021
Expected Close Date
October 12, 2021


Jayson Panopio, CEO & CTO
A former Senior Software Engineer at the US Navy Base and former Senior Vice President of one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies in Rochester, New York.

Leon Holiday, Security & Compliance Officer
A retired experienced Chemical Engineer who used to work as a Public Works Director at Santa Paula City, California, then, later on, became an Assistant Director of Operations in the public sector.

George Hill, President of Operations
A professional networker from Financial Industry, seasoned and well-experienced top-leader from different Companies.

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Key Deal Facts

Unique Incentivized Platform For Any Industry.
Non-bias Reward Tipping Program for Anyone, Business Owners, Professionals, and/or Clients.
Wireless Proximity Marketing Platform With Auto-Follow-Up.4
One-Stop-Shop Multi-Industry Community Within Which To Trade.
Fast Adz Exposure To Any Opted-in Mobile App & Web Users.