Craft Tequila Seltzer

We made MEXI Craft Tequila Seltzers for non-conforming taste rebels that won’t settle for anything less than clean, ingredients and real craft NOM distillery tequila “hecho en Mexico” combined in a delicious refreshing seltzer drink! We believe we can become leaders in the craft seltzer movement because you don’t need to be a Hollywood Celebrity to own a tequila brand!

Security Type
Preferred Stock
Min Investment
Santa Cruz, CA
Offering Date
July 16, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 13, 2022
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Alice Chen, Co-Founder & CEO
Alice is a well-recognized serial founder with a M&A legal background. Her pedigree includes Top 40 Under 40, CitiBank Global Family Office Leadership Program, and exit to PWC. She has grown a business from zero to seven figures five times. Alice chairs the board of Seltzer Revolutions Inc. (legal entity of MEXI) and serves as the CEO and Investor Liason.

Brent Laucher, Co-Founder and Director
Experienced business owner in the beverage and events management industry for over 25 years, Brent is a recognized pioneer in the beverage promotions and vending operations across U.S. and Australia. His 200-staff team was responsible for attendee hydration at large-scale music festivals including Coachella Palm Springs and EDC Las Vegas. Brent co-founded Seltzer Revolutions Inc., the creator of a portfolio of unique craft seltzers, in 2020 and assembled a world-class team that works across Mexico, U.S. and Canada to bring to the beverage market innovative better-for-you options.

Kevin Finkas, Chief Operating Officer
Kevin Finkas is the Chief Operations Officer of Seltzer Revolutions (creator of Mexi Craft Tequila Seltzer) and also leads its sales division. Kevin comes from a decade of full-spectrum experience in Wine & Spirits wholesale. Prior to this current role, Kevin led a regional sales team in Northern California for a well-known distributor. With a "Swiss army knife" reputation earned from past roles, Kevin is a competitive and highly-skilled leader across the areas of business development, building new brands, and managing corporate accounts.

Alan Johnson, Advisor
A well-respected CEO and board member across the alcohol and consumer retail space, Alan has served as CEO or COO of household brands including BevMo! (160 stores at $800m ARR), Gap, Walt Disney Parks Resorts and PepsiCo. Alan also recently served on the Board of (exited to PCH in Oct 2020). Alan works closely with the leadership team at MEXI on sales and scaling.

Theo Anglos, Advisor
Theo has two decades of corporate marketing and sales experience at beverage and alcohol multinationals including leading the spirits category at Diageo and Coca-Cola. Theo has managed both the incubation and the acquisition of new brands at alcohol consolidators. He works closely with MEXI's marketing team on building cult-following brand equity.

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Security Description

Preferred securities are a type of investment that generally offers some sort of preferred treatment through a dividend or preferred treatment in a liquidation.

Key Deal Facts

Right Time: In 2020, Tequila and RTDs drove the two biggest alcohol industry trends, with 23 million 9 Liter cases of tequila sold and $8 Billion annual sales in RTDs. We are riding on the momentum of both of these trends.
Right Partners: Our distillers are Mexican-government CRT regulated, certified authentic tequila producers, and our proprietary organic, natural formulations are protected as trade secrets.
Right Team: Our leadership and advisory board team brings valuable knowledge and experience to the table as previous partners or affiliates at Peligroso Tequila, Libre Tequila, Coachella Music Festival, EDC Vegas, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, BevMo!, private equity firms, Southern and Youngs.