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Data-driven beekeeping to save bees & improve profits

We’re a team of beekeepers, academics and technologists, passionate about helping nature. We’ve developed a three-pillar technology solution to bring honey bee deaths down from 40% to 5%, making better bees, better beekeepers, and better business. We call it precision beekeeping, and it’s all made possible by the following combination of technologies and social paradigms:

IoT + AI = BuzzBox

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Security Type
Convertible Note
Min Investment
Denver, CO
Offering Date
July 19, 2021
Expected Close Date
October 17, 2021


Aaron Makaruk, CEO & Co-Founder
Shuttleworth Fellow, founder of multiple for profit and non profit companies, generating over $1m in revenue.

Tristan Copley Smith, CMO & Co-Founder
MIT Innovator Under 35, filmmaker & founder of three eco-technology companies.

Javier Andres Calvo, CFO & Lead Data Scientist
Lead Data Scientist for Silicon Valley startup, Biometrics researcher.

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Security Description

A convertible security is a security that can be converted into another security, typically equity in the next round of financing.

Key Deal Facts

MIT Innovator Under 35 & Shuttleworth Fellow Co-Founders.
World's largest honey bee dataset.
$500k in revenue to date.
7,500 active users in 40+ countries.
Near break-even.
2.7m beehives in US + 90m beehives worldwide = multi billion $ opportunity.
Data science & entomology advisors from Carnegie Mellon & Washington State.