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Deeper Sleep Starts Tonight

We have worked with leading sleep doctors, scientists, yogi’s, and musicians to create experiences designed to help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake refreshed. We call this your Sleep Journey. While you sleep, our AI technology optimizes each night’s slumber by blocking out noise pollution and playing the right sound in the right cycle of your sleep. In the morning our AI tells you how well you slept and provides recommendations for the next day. A team of sleep technicians help you navigate how small changes like bedtime rituals, wake-up routines, lighting, an...

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Min Investment
New York, NY
Offering Date
July 20, 2021
Expected Close Date
October 18, 2021


Dr. Daniel Gartenberg, CEO & Co-Founder
World-renowned Sleep Scientist. TED Talk (4+ million views). Adjunct Professor at Penn State University. Featured on the Today Show, NY Times, The Washington Post, NPR, and CNN Business.

Melissa Mueller, CPO & Co-Founder
Standford Grad with Honors. Founder of Designery. 20+ years designing and optimizing best-in-class product experiences applying the latest neuroscience principles.

Dan Roberts, Chief Scientific Officer
PhD in Human Factors and Applied Cognition, with over 10+ years of experience in experiment design and data analysis with over 30 peer-reviewed publications.

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Key Deal Facts

Our mission: end sleeplessness. ✨1 in 3 American’s have a sleep disorder; $73B annual spendings in USA on sleep aids. 🌎
SleepSpace solves sleep problems using proven digital diagnostics & CBTi therapeutics administered by sleep doctors. 👩
Clinical trials with $3.5 Million in grants awarded from National Institute of Aging & National Science Foundation.🥇
$1.2M+ prior round by top VCs: UpVentures, Quake Capital, Bulletproof Media, LSVP, and AVG Fund. 💰
Monetization via 2000+ B2C subscriptions ($10K MRR). 📈
SleepSpace Smart Bedroom plug-n-plays with Apple, Google, Amazon, Oura Ring, Garmin & Biostrap.
Barriers to entry include AI algorithms and 4 utility patents for detecting and enhancing sleep. All-star team of sleep scientists, doctors, tech geeks, and experienced entrepreneurs.