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New Earth Beauty

New Earth Beauty

Vegan Skin Care & Supplements

In the interest of our customers’ beauty, health and well being, AVEGAN Beauty products use a high-tech vegan science delivery system called FORTISOMES.Microscopic liposomes encapsulate and protect the plant-based nutrients that are time-released to be the most effective to enhance skin health, reduce wrinkles and the signs of aging. We follow a true health and wellness business model encompassing people, animals, planet and profits. The three questions we always ask when creating products are: Who will it help, who will it harm and how is it thrown away? We aim to expose and replace the us...

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Min Investment
West Orange, NJ
Offering Date
July 20, 2021
Expected Close Date
October 18, 2021


Sally Malanga, CEO
Manage a vegan woman-led company while serving on the board of Friends of Animals,
Primarily Primates and Our Green West Orange.

Joyce Cuomo, Purchasing Director
20-year supply chain expert.15 years with Ecco Bella sourcing sustainable ingredients.

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Key Deal Facts

Animal collagen is a $15B niche of the $450B global beauty industry. There is massive opportunity for plant-based alts
We created a plant-based system of topical and ingestible products to replace animal collagen and support wellness.
Demand for Cruelty-Free and Vegan Cosmetics is “Spiralling” – US Market to Surpass US$3 Bn by 2025-Vegeconomist.
Our target market, LOHAS consumers who buy based on their values, comprise about 25% of these markets.
With your investment, taking New Earth Beauty to $100M is a reachable goal with sufficient marketing and C-level talent
Our brands compete in the overall beauty industry, the LOHAS market, anti-aging market and the animal collagen niche.
There is a 5-7 year exit strategy in an active Mergers and Acquisitions market for beauty and supplement companies
Sales are $500K through our website, Amazon and independent stores. We have 12,000 customers.