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Innovative Eyewear

Smartglasses with prescription lenses

Innovative Eyewear develops and sells cutting-edge eyeglasses and sunglasses that protect your eyes and allow customers to remain safely connected to their digital lives. Our flagship Lucyd® Lyte Bluetooth audio glasses enable the wearer to listen to music, talk on the phone, and use voice assistants to perform many common smartphone tasks handsfree. After our successful launch of the Lucyd Lyte line in January 2021, we experienced significant interest from many eyewear retailers, so we are returning to StartEngine for help addressing our inventory needs, and to build the most complete line...

Security Type
Common Stock
Consumer Goods
Min Investment
Miami, FL
Offering Date
July 20, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 18, 2022
Amount Raised


Harrison Gross, CEO, Director & Cofounder
Harrison's background is in tech marketing and brand development, and he drives the Innovative Eyewear brand story, user experience and product development. Columbia University graduate. He works at Innovative Eyewear full-time, 40+ hours per week. Creator of the Lucyd brand and Vyrb app.

David Eric Cohen, CTO & Cofounder
David's background is in web development and coding. He operates the digital presence of the brand and heads our software development efforts. M.S. in Advanced Technical & Information Systems Management, Hadassah University. B.S. in Computer Technology Management, Academy of Bordeaux. He is employed to grow the Lucyd brand full-time, but also runs a web development consultancy. He spends about 35 hours per week on Innovative Eyewear.

Konrad Dabrowski, CPA, CFO, Acting Secretary & Cofounder
Konrad's experience is in financial management, as an auditor for Deloitte, Accounting Manager for RBI, and Group Financial Controller for Tekcapital plc. M.S. in Finance & Accounting from the Warsaw School of Economics. Roughly half of his time is spent on Innovative Eyewear, and the rest on Tekcapital and Salarius. This would be about 20 hours per week.

Calvin Peters, Ecommerce, Content & Social Growth Manager
Calvin is a multi-faceted communications professional with over 20+ years of experience in Public Relations, Marketing and Digital Communications. He most recently led PR localization, Digital Communications and Influencer Marketing teams for the Walgreens Boots Alliance; the first global pharmacy-led, health and wellbeing enterprise. His strategy is laser-focused on increasing positive brand sentiment, owning media narratives and overall SOV through PR, Marketing and Digital leadership expanding into the fashion and retail industries for brands such as Lugz Footwear & Apparel and Southpole. He works full time at Innovative Eyewear, 40+ hours per week.

Jhanak Karki, MBA, Community Manager
Jhanak has over 8 years of experience in customer service, relationship building, negotiations, sales, and marketing management. He also has experience in increasing revenue and spearheading effective sales and market penetration strategies. Jhanak has worked previously for ePay Global. He is employed full time by Innovative Eyewear, 40 hours per week.

Clifford Gross, Ph.D., MBA, Ergonomics Advisor
Dr. Gross is our ergonomics advisor. He has many years of experience in developing ergonomic products that have been successful in the market including the Black & Decker DeWalt cordless professional drill, Logitech ergonomic mouse, Knoll Parachute chair, and more.
Dr. Gross is a frequent contributor to the company, offering technology guidance and commercialization support on a daily basis. He spends roughly 10 hours a week on Innovative Eyewear.

Frank Rescigna, VP of Sales
Frank is a career eyewear professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry, both in wholesale and retail. He has lead several leading eyewear brands and distributors in the US and abroad, as President and CEO of Viva Eyewear and Marcolin USA. At Viva, he oversaw development of Guess Eyewear into a $100m+ annual brand in the US, and was then hired by Guess Inc. to lead their accessories licensing division. Frank is also an optician and is helping the Lucyd brand capture the North American eyewear market.

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Security Description

Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

Key Deal Facts

Launching the largest line of Bluetooth prescription glasses on the market, that match the fit and finish of designer eyewear, costing the same as regular glasses to enable mass market adoption. Actively expanding from ecommerce-only operations to brick and mortar resellers, including big box stores, optical chains and sporting goods outlets.
Strong intellectual property position with exclusive rights to 24 total pending and granted patents, including three utility patents and 21 design patents.
Developing a breakthrough new app called Vyrb which will enable voice posting to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook via Lucyd glasses and other hearables.