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Convertible Note
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Austin, TX
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July 23, 2021
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Company Description

Founded in 2020, SwetSPOT LLC is an 80% women-owned, majority-minority, and 20% disabled veteran organization that focuses on the digital transformation of business—providing one-stop shopping for all your technology needs. We were born out of the necessity of a woman’s touch in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with the strategic influence of the military. We serve as a global, multi-divisional, technology, logistics, transportation, and procurement corporation.

Key Deal Facts

Offers highly responsive and innovative solutions to help clients align their IT strategy with their business goals. SwetSPOT integrates technology with professionalism and innovation to provide proven results.
As an Economically-Disadvantaged Small Business, SwetSpot boasts extensive logistical, supply, and service networks in the United States, Africa, Europe, Central, and South America.
Client base includes government agencies, Fortune 2000 to Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses supporting the public and private sectors in technology, logistics, wholesale trade, financial services, and defense.
Core strength of SwetSPOT lies in its ability to provide teams of highly educated and experienced local, and national personnel, with expertise across a multitude of disciplines and the equipment needed to put it all together.
Multiple revenue stream business model with estimated Year 5 operating income of $1.5 million on total revenue of $5.8 million.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Marvina Case, Founder and CEO
Marvina Case attended Purdue University and has 24 years of proven technology sales performance management at the center of the digital commerce ecosystem in Federal, State, Local, Tribal and private sectors. Marvina has sold in 43 countries and initiated and introduced product lines and organizations in 26 countries.
She is one of the founding members and the driving force behind the core logic that puts the cherry on top of Tech at SwetSPOT. You’ll find her operating where technology overlaps with marketing, brand, business systems, and product innovation.
She has deep expertise in compassionate turnarounds, building sustainable business models, and driving high-performance teams across multiple global markets. She is best known for bridging gaps between Sales, Marketing, Finance, and C-Level Players. With companies like Dell, Dell Federal, Sage, SAP, LimeLight Networks, and Intel on her resume, she has the practiced and proven finger on the pulse of what was, is, and will be in technology.

Tucker Sulzberger, Co-Founder and CFO
Tucker’s tenure as a United States Army Veteran with over ten years of proven leadership skills has contributed to this thriving business venture. He commanded a CH-47F helicopter company at the pinnacle of his Army career. He has an uncanny ability to develop highly adaptive and unified teams. After graduating from the University of Iowa, he deployed to Afghanistan, leading a platoon-sized element with four Chinook helicopters conducting nightly raids receiving the Air Medal and Army Accommodation Medal. As a commander, he coordinated the logistics and air movements for 12 helicopters all over the European theater, working with diplomats from various NATO partners.
As a civilian, he worked as the Director of Operations for CORE Officer Interiors. There, he helped streamline logistical operations as well as standard operating procedures within the company. He developed processes for project managers, coordinators, operations, sales, and accounting departments implemented company-wide.
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