Duis Primo

Duis Primo

Enabling the Modernization and Unification of Finance Across Africa

Security Type
Convertible Note
Financial Services
Min Investment
Raleigh, NC
Offering Date
July 23, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 01, 2022
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Company Description

Duis Primo integrates the best features of PayPal, Square, and other leading providers of payment solutions, together with the vast data repository and analytics capabilities of companies like Bloomberg and Amazon to provide financial services to the many countries in Africa as a single market.

Key Deal Facts

Comprehensive solution to facilitate easy trusted access to contemporary e-payment, e-wallet, and remittance services for consumers across Africa.
ONLY single-market e-payments solution across all countries in Africa, which enables the data standardization, analytics, and outreach mechanisms necessary to connect financial services companies to consumers to democratize credit opportunities and expand offerings to include other data-dependent products like insurance, logistics, and healthcare.
Existing strategic alliance with SmartAfrica and other key institutions for ready access to 40+ countries in Africa with a total population of 1.29 billion people.
Experienced and competent management team with a great relationship network and a deep understanding of economic and financial needs across the continent.
Multiple revenue stream business model with estimated Year 3 net operating income of $14.3M on total revenue of $53.7 million.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Albert Ghunney Jr., Founder and CEO
16+ years in Banking, Finance, Big Tech, Logistics and Big Pharma
VP, Risk Finance Technology, Credit Suisse
AVP, Asset Servicing Technology, Credit Suisse • Senior Manager, Private Investment Technology, Fidelity Investments
Real-Time Development Manager, Analytics R&D, SAS Institute • Managed budgets from $360K to $12M
Managed teams across spread around different locations: Singapore, India, Poland, London, New York
Computer Science, Drexel University
LLB, Law, University of London

Didier Banlock, Co-Founder and CTO
5+ years in Software Engineering management in Big Tech
Finalist at 2016 Paris Tech Startup Weekend
Software engineer and Architect, Altares Dunn & Bradstreet
Software engineer and Architect, Cyrus Conseil
Software engineer and Architect, Technip
Software engineer, Geodis • MSc. Software Engineering, SUPINFO International University, France
Information Technology, Institut Africain d’Informatique

Terence Ankrah, Co-Founder and COO
25 years in Process and New Business management
Former owner of Frames IT Projects (Prepaid Card Services), Netherlands
Director of Operations, Quantor BV Netherlands
Country Representative in Ghana EHA Hoffmann, Germany
Country Representative in Ghana EFACEC Portugal
Partner in Ghana, REDITUS Portugal
Account Manager, Summits, Marcus Evans
Account Administrative Analyst, Unisys Europe Africa Services B.V. Netherlands
BSc. Information Technology, VU University Amsterdam
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