Connecting Consumer-Product Companies To Their Customers In A Snap

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Common Stock
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Canton, MA
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July 23, 2021
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October 23, 2021
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Company Description

Every year there are over 3 billion purchases of consumer durables, and the brands that sell them have no idea who is using them.  We help these brands overcome the customer data gap created when products are sold through resellers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Home Depot so they can develop better relationships with actual customers.

Key Deal Facts

Transforming manufacturers’ paper documentation, warranty, and registration process through mobile app automation and integration, resulting in stronger customer relationships and brand loyalty, as well as a significant reduction in operating costs.
Enormous global market of consumer brands that are becoming increasingly reliant on large-scale resellers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart to reach billions of end-consumers.
Positive environmental impact through material reduction of the 41.9 million tons of waste produced every year by paper and packaging, including leading the transition for delivery of all in-box documentation via the QR code to which consumers have become very accustomed throughout the pandemic.
Strong team founded by a group of ex-Bose colleagues with extensive experience delivering significant long-term business value through direct customer communication.
Multiple revenue stream business model with estimated year 3 net operating income of $4.8 million on total revenue of $8.3 million.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Avrum Mayman, President and CEO
Since graduating from the MIT Sloan School of Management, Avrum has held a number of product management, program management, and strategy roles in companies ranging from startups to multi-billion-dollar B2B and B2C global corporations. Avrum brings a passion for bringing 1st to market concepts to life. The majority of his post-Sloan career has been spent at Bose, where he was responsible for the Lifestyle Home Theater product line. Perhaps his most significant accomplishment at Bose was the development of the Unify Intelligent Integration System. This technology greatly simplified the setup and use of Lifestyle Home Theater Systems and reduced customer returns and calls to Tech Support by 90%.
In addition to his Sloan degree, Avrum has a Physics degree from Vassar College and a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. Avrum spent 5 years working on the Space Shuttle’s Orbital Propulsion systems helping to return the Shuttle to flight post-Challenger.

Bill Allen, Customer Success
As an engineer, project manager, product manager, and consultant, Bill has driven alignment on the ‘what’, ‘why’, & ‘how’ for more than a hundred consumer-electronics products – all aimed at delivering both performance and simplicity. He has shaped industry-leading products such as the Bose Wave Radio, ten generations of Lifestyle home-theater systems, and the underlying processes to deliver them. In his last role at Bose, Bill led the Bose Mobile App Product Management team, where he was responsible for understanding and translating market needs into product requirements.
Bill holds two engineering degrees from Dartmouth and has been awarded five US patents.

Steve Jungmann, Operations and Development
Steve has been leading product definition and launches in consumer, health, and data for over twenty years. Many of these products have been based on new technologies into new markets and he has worked as closely with the development of the product as he has with customers and the market.
Earlier in his career, Steve worked in product roles in Silicon Valley for a number of consumer electronics startups. He spent several years at Apple where he was on the Macintosh team as well as introducing new technologies such as video conferencing and a direct-to-consumer channel well before the Apple Store. More recently, Steve led the product team at Quanttus, which created a watch that captured blood pressure at a clinical level and headed up the product development and design at Cure Forward, a SaaS matching service for cancer patients and clinical trials.
Steve is an active mentor for consumer, data, and healthcare startups in the Boston area. He has an engineering degree from Stanford and a business degree from San Jose State.
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