Still in Life with Ginger Pot (2000)

Still in Life with Ginger Pot (2000)

Oil, resin, and spray enamel on canvas

Albert Oehlen is recognized as a pioneer of contemporary abstraction and has been viewed as a leading German artist since the 1980s.

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Common Stock
New York, NY
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June 16, 2021
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Key Deal Facts

Albert Oehlen is an internationally recognized German abstract artist whose successful career spans 4 decades.
Two comparable paintings to Still Life with Ginger Pot have sold in excess of $2,000,000: Untitled (2005), which sold for $2,303,841 in June 2019, and Flute and Bell (1991), which sold for $2,660,000 in May 2019.
A very similar but larger format example, The Whistlers of (2001), sold in July 2020 for $2,701,000.
Immediately prior to acquisition Still Life with Ginger Pot was appraised at $2,500,000. Masterworks is offering the painting for $1,998,000.
Although there are no guarantees, similar works have appreciated at 15.6% annualized historically from 2006 to 2020.
Gagosian Gallery began representing the artist in 2011. As a mega-dealer, we believe this representation could potentially bring further momentum to the artist’s market.
Nearly 20 of Oehlen’s top auction records have been set since 2017, demonstrating his momentous price growth in recent years. His current top record is led by Selbstportrait mit Leeren Händen (1998), which sold for $7,552,473 on June 26, 2019.