Decentralized Logistics Market-Network

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Common Stock
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Sunrise, FL
Offering Date
July 29, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 27, 2022
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Company Description

dexFreight is a FinTech-enabled market network for freight companies to handle shipments from booking to payment in one place using smart contracts. It connects carriers, freight brokers, shippers and other actors of the supply chain through an open logistics network, built on decentralized protocols.

Key Deal Facts

With over 2,700+ companies (shippers, carriers, and brokers), this fast-growing network provides the trust layer required to reduce transaction costs while increasing efficiency, through the use of self-executable agreements and blockchain-based reputation systems, with the potential to disrupt the multi-trillion logistics industry.
17 million shipments, estimated to be worth over $18 billion, have been posted on dexFreight in 2021.
Patent pending technology to allow carriers to get paid as soon as they deliver, leveraging decentralized finance (deFi) protocols and liquidity pools. Over $328,000 in top-line revenue so far.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jim Handoush , Co-founder, CEO, and President
Expert in transportation technology, strong track record building high-performance teams and leading multi-billion dollar organizations. Former President of Landstar | 30+ yrs.

Rajat Rajbhandari, PhD & Co-founder
Expert in Transportation Research, Operations, and Technology. Strong research and algorithms, ideation, business development, and portfolio management skills in logistics, freight transportation, mobility sectors. +15 years in transportation research, consulting and development. Rajat is also a working group lead at Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative and spends about 20 hours a week in working with OEM, mobility providers, suppliers around the world, in developing standards, reference architecture for using blockchain in mobility.

Hector Hernandez, Co-founder
Experienced entrepreneur with vested interests in blockchain technology, transportation, logistics, and software and app development. A firm believer of Web 3.0 and an advocate of collaboration, decentralization, data privacy, and equitable distribution of value. He is also a Board Member of World Transportation Services. At dexFreight, he is responsible for product development strategy, fundraising, sales and marketing to freight brokers and carriers. He is full-time at dexFreight, working 40 hours per a week.

Adrian Giannini, Co-founder
Software engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Considered an effective coach and mentor and committed to leading exceptionally gifted teams. He has helped launch more than 160 mobile applications and SaaS products with more than 28 million unique consumers. At dexFreight, Adrian is responsible for developing products, leading development team, quality control, and full stack development including devops. He is full-time at dexFreight, working 40 hours per a week.

Ricardo Escobar, Co-founder and Board Chairman
Enterprise management executive. Former CIO at BHP Billiton - one of the largest mining companies in the world. Ricardo brings more than 35 years of experience in management and consulting.
Amount Raised : $625,981
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