Nanomed Tracking

Nanomed Tracking

Using Nano Quantum Dots To Track Medical Instruments

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Common Stock
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San Diego, CA
Offering Date
August 05, 2021
Expected Close Date
October 04, 2021
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Company Description

NanoMed manages surgical instrument inventories & automates tray assembly through the use of a revolutionary optical Quantum Dot technology. The Company has developed a revolutionary solution to these challenges as an innovative system that offers an immediate ROI, enhances patient safety and improves instrument management. 

Key Deal Facts

Hospitals are facing an ever growing need to reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, as well as patient safety. The rising number of surgical procedures is creating an urgent demand for technologically advanced processes.
Less than 3% of hospitals have a system to track at the instrument level
Count discrepancy in 1:8 surgical trays with an average of 20 minutes to resolve results in significant revenue loss.
Since operating rooms are the main revenue generating space for hospitals, hospitals are seeking state-of-the-art technology that will support effective management of operating rooms to maximize performance and efficiency.
Health reform is driving the need for hospitals to capture, store, aggregate, and retrience clinical information via electronic mediums.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

John Clark, CEO
John Clark has 30 years of experience developing and commercializing medical device technologies. He is the Founder and CEO of Global Cancer Technology and American Radiosurgery and has launched 10 medical device start-ups including Edmonds Medical Systems, Clinical Diagnostic Products and Andros Medical and Laser Systems.

Marc Potvin, President & CEO
Marc Potvin has 25 years experience in operations, sales & marketing, engineering, supply chain, and strategy roles with 15 years experience in the medical device industry. In 2008 he founded Agility Management, a human capital company sold in 2015. He serves as a Board member of Connect/SDSI, a business incubator for start-ups
Amount Raised : $5,976
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