0-G Launch

Bringing Earth Closer To Space

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Mount Pleasant, SC
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August 05, 2021
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2023
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Company Description

We aim to launch a global network of specially-modified Boeing Space Jets™ to accelerate economical testing & development of technologies before they are launched to Space – first operator to provide both microgravity and air-launch services with the same vehicle. We also plan on providing zero-gravity flights for consumers globally, who will experience the amazing feeling of weightlessness, just like an astronaut would in space.

Key Deal Facts

With its specially-modified aircraft, 0-G Launch aims to dramatically lower the cost of testing and developing Space technologies in microgravity before launch Company envisions deploying a global network of 6 company-operated Boeing Space Jet aircraft serving various regions 0-G launch intends to also provide unforgettable zero-gravity consumer flight experiences globally at the lowest price in market Combined 100-year team experience with multinational aerospace companies (SpaceX, Hughes, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific..) Founders involved in leading two previous startups generating $150 million and $2+ billion in yearly revenues today Signed LOIs for early Space customers projecting $42M in baseline revenue Space economy is expected to grow from $420 billion to $1+ trillion in one decade Strong demand and diversified revenue streams from customers worldwide

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Robert Feierbach, Founder & CEO Robert has 25+ years in the space and satellite industry. Held Satellite CEO, COO, and VP roles at Eutelsat France Group, SES Luxembourg, Hughes Network Systems USA, and Space Systems Loral/MDA USA. Former SpaceX VP and Swiss Space Systems - USA President. Robert introduced the world’s highest capacity satellite (KA-SAT HTS). He developed the industry’s first robotic payload for in-orbit spacecraft servicing (DARPA RSGS). Previously led teams of two startup companies generating $150M and $2B annually today. Terry Ward, CFO Terry is the Founder of Fulton Advisory, an outsourced CFO & Accounting Service company. Terry has acted as a consulting CFO for 10+ small businesses/start-ups, focused on raising capital and scaling businesses. Former Director of Corporate M&A for a $4 billion global manufacturer. Terry is the former Director of Finance for a $100 million international region covering Europe & Asia, based in Moscow, Russia. Rolf Brandt, VP Aircraft Mission Operations Rolf is the current Sr. Program Manager at TOP ACES (fighter aircraft adversary services). Senior program manager and business development lead at Air Defense Services, Inc. Director at Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems, Flight Operations Manager at Serco Canada, Senior Operations Officer in German Air Force. Edwin Lorse, VP of Sales Edwin has proven multi-million $ zero G flight sales: Senior VP Sales & Marketing of Zero Gravity Corp (B 727). Has proven experience with zero G customer pre and post sales care and support. Proven airline, hospitality and travel multi-million $ revenue producer. Wholesale, VIP and charter sales with LTU Americas and Multiple airline and travel operators.

Amount Raised : $49,761
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