Unum Health

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company offering innovative solutions to simplify operations, communications, and experience in the home care industry

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Common Stock
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Middletown, DE
Offering Date
August 10, 2021
Expected Close Date
April 29, 2022
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Company Description

Unum Health’s software consists of both an agency and employee interface (UI). Our platform is a way for homecare agencies to organize their operations and gives caregivers a digital solution for home care visits. Through the desktop and mobile interface, Unum provides home care owners, caregivers, and the people they care for an all-encompassing solution.

Key Deal Facts

Wallace McCain Institute - Entrepreneurial Leadership Program
$1M invested/raise to build and scale platform
Startup Canada Atlantic Award - Entrepreneur of the Year 2018
Startup Canada National Award - Entrepreneur of the Year 2018
Propel ICT 2018/2019
Unicare becomes first user of Unum Health
Two early adopters sign on
Pilot project with 500 users (500k-1M) approved
ALTS Accelerator Certificate

Use of Proceeds




Intermediary fees-$5,243-4.9%

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Lisa Williams, Founder & CEO
Lisa Williams is the founder and CEO of Unum Health. Lisa is an experienced healthcare entrepreneur. Lisa is the owner and president of Unicare Home Health Care. Unicare is one of New Brunswick’s largest independent providers of home care. Unum Health was born through Lisa’s daily insight to the industry and need for technology in her business. Lisa’s role for Unum Health will be leading business development activities and guiding the development team on product functionality, product testing, and customer onboarding. Lisa is a graduate of the Wallace McCain Entrepreneurial Leadership program as well as Propel ICT’s Incite Program.

Carl Goodwin, Interim CTO
Carl Goodwin is the interim CTO of Unum Health. Carl is an experienced systems architect who has led the development of several technology products in his career. Carl’s experience ranges from development of gamming software to data processing software and building a brand-new comprehensive database for the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Registry. Carl has worked as a lead architect, a product manager, a CTO, and a business analyst, giving him a broad prospective within the tech industry. He has worked for both small start-up companies and larger organizations such as Ernst and Young and IBM in his career. At Unum Health, he is responsible for oversight of its small development team and has led the development of Unum Health’s software since its inception.

Vanessa Cinel, Strategic Relationship Manager
Vanessa Cinel is a Strategic Relationship Manager for Unum Health. Vanessa graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with a degree in business administration and an advanced major in international business. Throughout her degree, she was able to work on various consulting projects, gaining useful knowledge and skills that will enhance the business development and partnerships at Unum Health. Vanessa is currently working towards her MBA degree at Dalhousie University, with hopes to carry forward her education to her consulting and business development work. Vanessa will be focusing on outreach to early adopters, seeking funding opportunities and developing marketing strategies to grow Unum Health’s business.
Amount Raised : $5,460
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