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Some of the most iconic and hotly desired modern day trading cards in the world, the tri-panel, perforated 1980 Topps production is an instantly recognizable slice of basketball card history. This basket contains two (2) key rookie cards of two of the greatest and most popular players in NBA history, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, and also features NBA Hall of Famer Julius Erving. Earlier in 2021, Collectable shareholders received and accepted a buy-out offer on a PSA 10 version of these cards for $720,000, a record breaking price for a PSA 10.

Key Deal Facts

This basket contains two cards, both graded PSA 8’s by PSA, sports collectibles leading grading company.
Amazingly, the card features three NBA Hall of Famers: Magic Johnson and Larry Bird bookend the design, with Julius Erving occupying the middle panel. This card serves as the key rookie card for Magic and Bird.
In January 2021, Collectable shareholders received and accepted a buy-out offer on a Magic/Bird/Dr.J 1980 Scoring Leader PSA 10 for $720,000, a record breaking price for a PSA 10. The asset was offered on Collectable for $352,000 four months earlier. 62% of shareholders, on a pro rata basis, voted to accept this offer.
The 1980-81 Topps basketball cards are perforated with three panels, which were intended to allow for separating the three individual players into smaller collectibles. Of course, most collectors immediately split the cards upon opening their pack. The fact that this card was left in tact and features 3 Hall of Famers gives it a tremendous amount of value, scarcity, and collectibility.
The 1980 Topps perforated design is notorious for having black print defects scattered across the front.
1980-81 Topps Larry Bird/Magic Johnson Rookie Card PSA NM-MT 8 have recently sold at Goldin Auctions in March 2021 for the following totals: $31,980, $14,760, $8,400, $7,800.
Many consider Larry Bird and Magic Johnson to be the most iconic and influential basketball players of the 1980’s decade, similar to Michael Jordan in the 1990’s. During a time when the NBA’s fan base was fading and the league struggled for viewership, Bird and Magic infused a coast-to-coast rivalry that captivated audiences and revived interest throughout the country.
Magic and Bird’s intense, bitter rivalry morphed into a close and unlikely friendship when the two were called upon to shoot a shoe commercial together, a relationship that has been well documented.
The consignor retained $6,600 of equity in the offering.
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