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Premium Mezcal, Tequila, Sotol, Bacanora

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August 13, 2021
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February 09, 2022
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Company Description

IZO Spirits offers a premium collection of traditional, handcrafted, sustainably-produced Mexican spirits from the heart of Durango, Mexico. IZO speaks to generations of Mezcaleros bringing people together around shared values of community. From the locally-sourced Onyx stoppers, to the elegant hand-applied labels, our meticulously prepared spirits offer perfectly-balanced flavors that are made to enjoy!

Key Deal Facts

IZO is one of the only companies that offers a full line of premium Mexican spirits, including Sotol, Bacanora, Tequila and several types of Mezcal.
Featured in Forbes, Delish, Hollywood Times and Marketwatch, IZO spirits have garnered awards and dazzled critics, having medaled in every competition in which they have been entered since the production of the first bottle.
IZO spirits are already in distribution in Arizona, California, Delaware, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. They are also distributed in Costco throughout Mexico.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Gaston Martinez, Co-Founder & CEO
A native of Durango, Mexico, Gaston graduated from Universidad Iberro Americana in Mexico City, with a degree in business. As an entrepreneur in Mexico, he worked in various industries including international freight and logistics, and later as a pottery manufacturer. In 2005 he moved to San Diego while working in the restaurant and hospitality industry, eventually moving into the wine and spirits markets, where he developed substantial sales skills and key industry relationships. In 2017 he shared with his friend, Linda Belzberg, his lifelong vision to bring the celebration of his Mexican heritage to the world, by preserving the legacy of pure, all natural mezcal for which his hometown is known. Shortly thereafter, together with Linda son Torrey, they created a partnership based in the love of the Mexican culture. Today, they proudly share IZO award-winning, sustainably-crafted Mexican spirits with people beyond Durango. When you experience the smooth, sophisticated taste and aroma of any of IZO premium spirits, you tasting centuries of Mexican tradition.

Linda T. Belzberg, Co-Founder and Vice-president
After establishing a successful career in marketing in Vancouver, Canada, Linda transitioned to land development, focusing on single family residential projects. Her success in the Canadian market precipitated a move to San Diego in 2012, where she further developed her love for the real estate investment business. Always looking for a new challenge and sharing Gaston interest in the culture of Mexico, Linda embraced her friend Gaston idea of creating a natural Mexican spirits company. Along with her son Torrey, they Co-founded.

Torrey Belzberg, Co-Founder and Vice-president
While in his sophomore year at the University of San Diego, Torrey partnered with Gaston and Linda to launch IZO Spirits. Pursuing a degree in Architecture, Torrey knowledge of art and CAD software, coupled with his instinct for design, were instrumental in creating the award winning bottle and label for which IZO is renowned. After a year of flying back and forth, from San Diego to Durango, all the while working hand-in-hand with our IZO team at the Distillery, he gained invaluable experience concerning all of the aspects of producing and marketing Mexican spirits. Torrey now serves as a Director and focuses on Creative Design issues.
Amount Raised : $328,604
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