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Convertible Note
Real Estate
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Lake Worth, FL
Offering Date
August 04, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 10, 2022
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Company Description

Rockval is a commercial real estate "PropTech" company whose team is passionate about changing the real estate industry. We have worked in commercial real estate as well as tech, and we see a huge opportunity to solve many of the pain points you as a real estate professional experience every day. With our simple, affordable solution for data-driven underwriting of existing property and ground-up development across multiple asset classes, we are bridging the gap for thousands of small/mid-size firms, commercial real estate (CRE) investors (non-professional), resi-mmercial brokers, and newcomers into the CRE space. Our product offering starts at just $9.99/user/month, which makes this an easy decision for anyone in the industry because of the tremendous value they receive and the ease at which they can share with their network and counterparties.

Key Deal Facts

Our founder, advisors, and investor team come from both the real estate and tech/software industries and bring considerable experience and have deep networks.
We offer affordable, easy-to-use software tools to solve many of the common problems found in the real estate industry (underwriting, marketing, and research).
We are funded primarily by real estate professionals, who have recognized the need for change in our industry and believe in our vision.
Our founder has spent years developing software, complex algorithms, and our industry backed distribution channel --all of which helps to deepen the moat
Real estate companies spend billions of dollars annually on data/research, software tools, etc. Right now, every company is looking for ways to save money.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Grant Weiss, FOUNDER, CEO
As CEO/CTO of RockVal, Grant is primarily involved in company direction, strategy, team building, fundraising, sales, mergers and acquisitions, and product development. With his experience in the commercial real estate industry coupled with his software development experience, he brings a holistic view to the table to ensure the customers feedback is being incorporated with the upmost efficiency. Additionally, he has consulted with real estate firms to optimize the leasing, acquisition, and sales processes from the data required to the final marketing materials presented to the customers
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