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Creating HealthTech Innovative Gadgets to tackle all sorts of Urban pollution

Urbie Inc. is a health-tech company making smart innovative products to solve all sorts of urban pollution (Air, Water, Sound, & Light). We are on a mission to make our life healthier and happier with a combination of nature, technology, and design.

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Security Type
Min Investment
Palo Alto, CA
Offering Date
September 01, 2021
Expected Close Date
November 30, 2021


Bassel Jouni, CO-Founder & CTO
Product Design & Development Manager. Founded Rootsupsolutions.org, an award-winning NGO: GreenTec Award Winner, International Centre for climate governance, World Tech Award Developed an award-winning dew house collector.

Bill Jouny, Co-founder & CEO
5+ years experience in online sales and marketing. Co-founded Urbie and an award-winning NGO Rootsupsolutions.org. BCom degree from York University. Exited a successful private labelling company in 2018. Ex-banker with extensive capital markets exp.

Daria Popova, Marketing Manager & Copywriter
Web and SEO specialist with 5+ years of experience. Improved organic search rankings from page 3 to Top 5 for eco-friendly air purifiers. Content creator and copywriter.

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Key Deal Facts

Our 1st product Urbie Eco-friendly Air Purifier got successfully funded on Kickstarter- $180k raised.
Top US retailers signed purchase order letters of intent (Sharper image, Williams Sonoma, Urban O.).
Timing is perfect, we are market-ready, your money will go straight into funding inventory = SALES.
Utility patent pending in the US and the EU, which means less competition in this space.
You will take part in a booming industry that is expected to grow to USD 22.80 billion by 2028!
Our goal is to develop at least 10 products in the next 5 years, which means more cash flow.
You are taking part in a revolutionary startup that will continue to develop sustainable technology.
You are investing in two passionate brothers who have one goal in mind- to get rid of city pollution.