Liquid Vineyards

Liquid Vineyards

Digital Rights To Your Own Wines

LiquidVineyards allows anyone with the dream of owning his or her own vineyard and those who love wine, to experience the ownership of their very own vines. By purchasing Digital Rights to vines through LiquidVineyards, you can select among our quickly increasing inventory of vineyards from different regions and varietal options. Digital Rights are the link between investors and wine producers; no intermediaries for a cost-effective solution to global wine markets. Wine producers gain access to long-term financing, while buyers gain exclusive access to information on wine production, financ...

Security Type
Membership Units
Min Investment
Santa Rosa, CA
Offering Date
August 31, 2021
Expected Close Date
November 01, 2021
Security Price


Luigi Boschin, Founder and President
40 Years’ experience in electronics manufacturing and telecommunication systems in Europe and Canada. Managing deployment of nationwide infrastructures for the world biggest telecommunication players.

Pier Francesco Giacopelli, CEO and co-Founder
20 Years’ experience in the financial sector having started as Equity Trader at 23. Managed business relationships for large Institutions at Moody’s Analytics for 6 years before embracing the banking world as VP of a private Swiss bank. Co-Founder and Director of two investment Funds and creator of Alternative investment Vehicles and Special Purpose Vehicles for professional investors. Wine lover and vineyards dreamer.

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Security Description

Membership Units represent ownership rights in a Limited Liability Company, indicated by the right to receive cash or unit distributions, declared by the Manager(s) of the LLC, and having voting rights in the governance of the Company.

Key Deal Facts

Enrolled several vineyards in the LiquidVineyards project and counting
Built blockchain patent-pending tracking system for vines and bottles with digital labels
Customs duty free warehousing
Negotiated direct shipping of your own wine
Ready to be launched Google ads campaign