Colorado Manure Hauling

Colorado Manure Hauling

Only A Good Friend Can Take Your Crap

Colorado Manure Hauling is the premier recycling service of large animal manures. Especially for the many equine owners in our county and surrounding counties. We will come in and haul off a pile that our clients built over time and then bring it to our composting facility. Our clients range from little old ladies to medium horse boarding facilities. The range of economy class is large and varies as well. We have worked hard to not take for granted the work we have. With no other competitors around yet, we still demand our employees and ourselves to respect the property and the people livin...

Security Type
Unsecured Loan
Min Investment
Peyton, CO
Offering Date
August 19, 2021
Expected Close Date
October 19, 2021
Security Price


Roger Whetstine, Co- Owner
Roger Whetstine is an army veteran of 21 years. Roger has worked in real estate and holds a logistics degree from Colorado Tech University. He has a passion for horses and even was a jockey at one time in his youth. This job allows him back into that world.

Jonathan Whetstine, Co-Owner
Jonathan Whetstine was dragged around by the army until the age of 11. He has been involved in the landscape/garden nursery world ever since he could work (13). He also worked in retail with skis and golfing equipment at the manager level for two years. With a passion for growing things and the outdoor living environment (homes) composting has been a great way to express that.

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Security Description

An unsecured loan is a loan that is issued and supported only by the borrower’s creditworthiness, rather than by any type of collateral. Unsecured loans are approved without the use of property or other assets as collateral.

Key Deal Facts

The next year we are looking to maximize our capacity in our composting operation to better serve the commercial market.
We have learned we need to quadruple our output, according to some potential commercial clients. The well purchase will be instrumental in this development. We also will have more equipment on hand and another laborer to help attain this goal.
The next two to three years will be building a brand that has name recognition, not only in the commercial world but the retail world also.
Working with community gardens and school programs will help not only the community, but it will also help spread the word of what were are doing.