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As a two-pronged operation, Despacito Distributors & Vegan Wines work towards a global mission of conscious consumption. Founded in 2017 by long time vegan and wine lover, Frances Gonzalez, our focus is on sourcing and sharing high-quality vegan wines. We are connected with our wines from the soil to the bottle, and of course our favorite part, onto the table. Vegan Wines only works with grape-growers that do not add animal fertilizers to their soil. We go within the guidelines of Veganic which means ‘vegan’ and ‘organic’.  This is something we want to encourage in all vineyar...

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New York, NY
Offering Date
September 03, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 02, 2021


Frances Gonzalez, Founder & Owner
I am a change-maker and my mission in life is to make a positive impact in our world. I am the voice for small business owners like myself, the environment, our health, the people, and animal rights.

Eric Linn, Sales Director
Eric worked at Bloomberg L.P. for 14 years in Information Systems. Eric works with our team members to achieve sales targets, create sales reports and make profit estimates for products.

Marko Boulton, Director of Administration
Marko is a leading project manager with outstanding leadership. He has worked as a Financial Analyst at Rolls-Royce International.

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Key Deal Facts

Vegan Wines is the leading vegan wine distributor in the United States.
We are growing 350% a year and raising capital to accelerate and continue our growth.
Vegan Wines has a private label HAZEL.
We are the sole importer with an exclusive agreement with each branded Label and vineyards.
We say no animal manure in fertilizer with harmful chemicals & antibiotics that go into our bodies.
Vegan Wines Trademark on the back label of our vegan wines provides confidence when purchased.
We are creating a certification course to make a global impact with vegan wines.
A fully plant-based subscription wine club shipping direct to consumers to over 41 states.