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Tap Systems

Tap Systems

Patented Input Technology that Unlocks the Full Potential of AR & VR

MEET TAP. The Plug & Play, All-In-One, Wearable Keyboard, Mouse & Air Gesture Controller is the Perfect Input Solution for Augmented and Virtual Reality. The Tap Strap consists of five flexible rings, connected together by strips of braided nylon. Each ring contains a three-axis accelerometer, and the thumb ring also contains a six-axis IMU, an optical mouse chip, haptic element, battery, and circuit board. The nylon braid contains conductors that bring the signals from the sensors to the circuit board, where an MCU collects the data, derives the tap combination, and transmits the i...

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Min Investment
Los Angeles, CA
Offering Date
September 09, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 08, 2021


Dovid Schick, CEO and Co-Founder
David Schick is the founder and former CEO of Schick Technologies, where he invented and commercialized the first digital X-ray systems for dentists. He took the Company public on the NASDAQ in less than five years. Mr. Schick has over 100 patents.

Dr. Sabrina Kemeny, President and Co-Founder
Kemeny is the co-inventor of the CMOS image sensor chip used in virtually all digital cameras. She is the co-founder and former CEO of Photobit, which successfully scaled up and commercialized the technology before selling the company to Micron.

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Key Deal Facts

Tap solves a critical problem in the multi-billion dollar AR and VR industry.
Tap has over $2 million in sales to date, tens of thousands of customers, and a 4 star Amazon rating
Founders include co-inventor of the Cell Phone Camera & inventor of Digital Xray, w/IPO, Acquisition
We have raised over $13 million to date from founders, investors, and individuals.
Our 2018 crowdfunding offering sold out, and was oversubscribed by almost 50%.
Facebook, Apple, Google & other leading companies are investing billions in developing AR/VR systems.
The AR/VR market is projected to be almost $300 billion by 2024.
Tap is fast, accurate, mobile and eyes free - it is the perfect solution for wearable AR & VR.