Launchspace Technologies

Launchspace Technologies

Protecting Space And The Future

Launchspace Technologies Corporation has the unique capability of using space-based sensor satellites to detect and track orbital debris that is smaller than currently possible. Our orbital debris remediation spacecraft removes small orbital debris that can damage or destroy satellites and make spaceflight unsafe for astronauts and the International Space Station (ISS). With safety and security being of the utmost importance, our sensor satellite solution and orbital debris remediation spacecraft provide protection capabilities to our space-based national security satellites from being hit...

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Common Stock
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Boca Raton, FL
Offering Date
September 08, 2021
Expected Close Date
November 08, 2021
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John H Bauman, CEO and Co-Founder
Serial technology entrepreneur and pioneer in IP over satellite TV, broadband, microelectronics, mobile and many other technologies.

Marshall H. Kaplan Ph.D., CTO and Co-founder
First to study orbital debris with a NASA funded grant. World renowned in orbital mechanics and spacecraft, launch vehicle and space systems design

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Key Deal Facts

Strategic relationships with government leaders at NASA, the Pentagon and the Space Force
White House meetings
Signed contract with Airbus to test our orbital debris remediation and spacecraft shielding solution for 12 months on the ISS Bartolomeo platform
An Airbus in-kind contribution of $5.24 million for putting our solution on the ISS
NASA Space Act Agreement: NASA is designing customized materials for Launchspace’s orbital debris remediation solution
Launchspace believes it is the only company in the world with a NASA Space Act Agreement for orbital debris technology development The NASA funded ISS National Lab: Bringing Launchspace’s orbital debris solution to the Airbus Bartolomeo platform and bringing it back to Earth after 1 year so Launchspace can analyze the effectiveness of our space qualified orbital debris solution
Additionally, ISS National Lab has awarded Launchspace a $214,500 grant for our ISS mission
Space Force- A funded study on closing major observation gaps in our ability to see threats (space domain awareness), which protects our national security satellites, and our country, from attack
Commercial customer for funding Launchspace's integration into their launch vehicle