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Common Stock
Entertainment, Technology, Media, Crypto & Blockchain
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Malibu, CA
Offering Date
September 07, 2021
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2022
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Company Description

Leveller is an entertainment-production platform that connects creators with investors across the globe. AI and blockchain-backed technologies streamline the proposal process, open up investment opportunities, and seamlessly integrate secure contracts and transactions. Leveller offers an accessible and transparent production process that puts creative control and profits in the hands of brilliant creators and investors who believe in them.

Key Deal Facts

Founders; $100MM Entrepreneur,16+year EGOT talent Attorney,EP of Indy films w/Oscar talent/producers
Projects from Robert Zemeckis's company, as well as Producers of the $1B Resident Evil Franchise and Pixar alum
Revenue Participation Right in three films: The Inventor, The Night of the Zoombies, and Homegrown.
Featuring Oscar 🏆Marion Cotillard, SAG 🏆 Liev Schreiber, BAFTA 🏆Matt Berry and many more!
Featured in The New York Times🗞, LA Times🗞, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Deadline & Indiewire
Projects from teams that have worked w/ HBO, Netflix, Disney, WarnerBro, Universal, Sony, Paramount
Supports people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, Women & people with disabilities in media.
Promotes projects with a safe, fair, and dignified space for people of all stripes in entertainment.

Use of Proceeds

  • ($50,001) Initial Projects ("The Inventor") - 92.5% Wefunder intermediary fee - 7.5%
  • ($1,069,998) Initial Projects ("The Inventor," "Homegrown," and "Night of the Zoombies") - 62.5% Platform development - 10% Employee wages & contractor fees - 10% Wefunder intermediary fee - 7.5% Marketing - 5% General working capital - 5%

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

David Spisak, Founder & Director
9 Figure Entrepreneur; Founded 8 Companies with multiple exits; and Board of Director emeritus, San Francisco 49ers.

Ryan Clarkson, Founder, Co-CEO & Director
16-year attorney repping EGOT talent & producers; Executive Producer of independent films with Oscar talent & producers; Founded company with $10MM+ in annual revenues; Founded charity that raises college funds for orphan children.

Eric VonFeldt, Founder, Co-CEO & Director
Executive Producer of independent films with Oscar talent & producers; Developed first 50 apps launched on the Apple App Store; and Founded a machine learning and data analytics software startup for film & tv production.
Amount Raised : $165,372
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