305 Fitness

305 Fitness

Next generation fitness program with flagship studios, a digital offering, & certified instructors worldwide

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Sports and Fitness
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New York, NY
Offering Date
September 12, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 11, 2021
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Company Description

Next generation fitness program with flagship studios, a digital offering, and certified instructors worldwideFitness can be intimidating and difficult. Current fitness studios and activities can be expensive and not accessible to the broader community. They may require additional equipment, a special exercise or skill, take place in a judgemental or competitive environment, or not allow individuals to fully express themselves.305 Fitness is increasing access, by offering a uniquely engaging and fun product that beats the treadmill any day of the week. 305 gets more people working out with our sticky classes, widely accessible independent certified instructors across the country, and easy-to-access digital platform. Prior to the COVID pandemic, 305 Fitness found success and traction in its brick-and-mortar studios. Through the pandemic, we launched two new revenue streams,  finding product-market fit with our online instructor program and digital platform. Now more than ever, the world needs joy! 305 offers consumers a place to celebrate and feel good in their bodies. Exercise doesn't have to suck! 305 makes working out fun, and in the process, includes and uplifts people who aren't being represented in the traditional fitness industry. With 305 Fitness studios reopened, thousands of subscribers on our At-Home network, and over 1,000 certified instructors able to teach 305 across the world, we believe 305 Fitness is well positioned to  become a lasting player in the fitness space.

Use of Proceeds

  • Certification Acquisition 
  • Music Licensing
  • Brand Marketing 
  • Team
  • Legal and Admin
  • Tech Investment 
  • Studio Operation 

Key Deal Facts

Established 7 flagship locations across New York City, Washington DC, and Boston
Launched At-Home platform during Covid with thousands of subscribers
Trained and certified an estimated 1,000+ instructors to teach 305 in their local gyms and communities
Notable investors include Tiësto, Kevin Durant, Carrie Dorr (founder of Pure Barre), and Doug Levine (founder of Crunch)
Press features include Good Morning America, TODAY, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Forbes, NY Mag, Washington Post, Refinery29, and more

Use of Proceeds

  • Certification Acquisition 
  • Music Licensing
  • Brand Marketing 
  • Team
  • Legal and Admin
  • Tech Investment 
  • Studio Operation 

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Sadie Kurzban, CEO
Sadie Kurzban is the 30-year old founder and CEO of 305 Fitness. Named "the next fitness cult leader," by the New York Observer, Kurzban, a graduate of Brown University, created 305 after seeing the way the fitness industry commercialized our insecurities. After winning a business pitch competition in college, Kurzban bootstrapped 305 Fitness in New York City in 2012.

Benjamin Kurzban, CFO

Samuel Karshenboym, COO

Holly Whited, VP of Licensing
Amount Raised : $1,129,359
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