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Mass produce eco-friendly plastic using wasted bio-mass

The Canadian Industrial Hemp Corporation (CIHC) is a private manufacturing company using hemp and flax stalks to produce bio-composite plastic pellets. At the helm is founder and CEO Robert Ziner. Along with a highly experienced team, Mr. Ziner is set on becoming the leading global supplier of plant-based manufacturing materials.

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Min Investment
Lewes, DE
Offering Date
September 15, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 14, 2021

Use of Proceeds

Begin commercial production with the development of the company’s first facility—CIHC will finance this work with an equipment financing and mortgage loan, as well as an equity capital raise.


Robert Ziner, Founder, CEO
More than 30 years experience in the building materials distribution and secondary wood processing industries. As CEO he acquired 3 companies and generated $240M a year in sales. An expert in M&A, manufacturing, b2b marketing and distribution.

Erwin Doll, Head of Automotive Business Development
Executive in the global automotive, plastics, medical, industrial and chemical industry expediting digital transformation with smart factory and smart administration. Former CEO, President, CTO, and Vice Chairman at Rochling Group.

Richard Levesque, Head of Plastics Business Development
Proven business manager and technical expert in the plastics industry. Operator of proprietary plastics lab formulating customized compounds and additives for use by large global manufacturers.

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Key Deal Facts

Invest to build a factory to produce plastic pellets using wasted stalk from flax / hemp food crop.
Patent-pending technology to reduce cost and improve quality compared to existing global competitors.
Plastic manufacturers use hemp / flax because it is lighter, stronger and less costly.
Use proven, high-throughput automated equipment that is already being used across Europe and Asia.
North America's first hemp plastic pellet production facility to replace imports from Europe.
CIHC can replace over a million tonnes of plastic with hemp bio-composite plastic annually.
CIHC expects to generate $1B of revenue annually in the next 10 years.
CIHC is led by a top notch team with more than 110 years in manufacturing, technology & plastics.