Molecular Reality (yc Alum)

Molecular Reality (yc Alum)

Building "the Xbox of biology"!

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Richmond, CA
Offering Date
September 15, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 14, 2021
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Company Description

Imagine that a scientific instrument and a gaming console fell in love and made a baby. That baby is the demonpore 64™. Think of it as "the Xbox of biology”. It contains advanced molecular sensors called "nanopores", a powerful emerging technology that was pioneered by a member of our team (our SAB member Prof. George Church of Harvard Medical School)

You can start doing experiments with REAL cells and molecules from all around you right away—you pour liquids in, and the game begins!

Now imagine people all over the world playing together, combining data with vast, carefully planned experiments at a global scale. The combined power of that network will help SOLVE BIOLOGY in the coming decade!

Key Deal Facts

It's a scientific instrument, but it's ALSO a gaming console!
This is the future of biotech—vast distributed coordination of experiments, accessible by everyone.
This is the path to solving biology in our time—saving countless lives and saving the planet!
Raised $1.2M from leading angels and institutions, including YC, the world's #1 startup accelerator.
Disrupt the trillion-dollar biotech services industry in a wildly new & unexpected way.

Use of Proceeds

  • $50,000-This amount (less the 3.5% Wefunder fee) means we keep going as we have been, with just a few FTEs and an array of brilliant consultants and advisors, so we can launch the alpha this summer.  That's the critical path—once we can show a few hundred people having a blast playing with solid-state nanopores online together, it will represent a major inflection point in our ability to fundraise.  If we only raise $50K (less $1,750), we will get to our summer objective and its inflection point. The $48,250 will go toward continue support of two FTEs and several part-time employees and advisors.
  • $1,070,000-$600,000: 8 FTEs, one year runway, below market rate salaries and overhead, $40,000: facilities (San Jose, Arizona), $20,000: reagents, $37,450: Wefunder fee, $60,000: correlative analytical studies, $42,550: pilot-work for 2nd-gen console developmeent, $25,000: set aside for full launch console perk cost of manufacturing for up to 500 investors, $50,000: cloud machine learning and data storage costs, $30,000 SAB and additional consulting, $70,000: nanofabrication and microfabrication costs, $50,000: pilot work for tooling setup for beta release, $20,000: additional patent filings, $25,000: additional marketing

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Kent Kemmish, CEO and Founder
Invented demonpores (mechanical nanopores). Discovered first enzymes for longevity pioneer Aubrey de Grey's LysoSENS project. Early team of Synthego, now a unicorn/premiere supplier of CRISPR reagents globally.

George Church, Scientific Advisory Board member
Professor at Harvard & MIT, early organizer of the Human Genome Project. Nanopore and sequencing tech pioneer++. Coauthored 460 papers, 105 patent publications & one book (Regenesis).

Aubrey de Grey, Scientific Advisor
Spearheading the global crusade to cure aging. CSO of
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