Biometric Security In Your Very Hand

nVIAsoft is an emerging identity solution provider currently developing patented, touchless technology using a safe and unique biometric – verihand. Your first contactless hand biometric. Using a proprietary algorithm with AI and ML in front-end and Blockchain technology, the password is you - you are the key. With verihand, Biometric security is your very hand.

Security Type
Common Stock
Min Investment
Newark, NJ
Offering Date
August 19, 2021
Expected Close Date
February 15, 2022
Amount Raised
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Bernard D. Garcia, MBA, Founder & CEO, CTO
As the Founder and CEO of nVIAsoft Corporation, Bernard Garcia oversees the growth, direction, and innovation of the company. Bernard is passionate about solving customers & technological problems and empowering them with total security when accessing websites, applications, and databases. Mr. Garcia's work has run the extent of system development and project life cycle, managing some of the most complex and successful IT project initiatives in the corporate and government arena.
Bringing more than 20 years of information technology and business implementation management experience, Bernard is responsible for all nVIAsoft business strategy and technology architecture, as well as Infrastructure management and guidance for nVIAsoft global operations. His extensive IT background includes senior management positions in Architecture, Infrastructure, Systems Operations, and Solutions Development on virtually all technological platforms.

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Security Description

Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

Key Deal Facts

Safety first: The safest and most hygienic biometric that can not be replicated, stolen, or forgotten. Our technology is made of a strong proprietary authentication database algorithm which is virtually unhackable.
A booming market: The Biometrics Technology market size will be worth $59.31 Billion by 2025.
Unique patent: With our hand biometric technology, we address the limitations of other biometric contactless authentication processes.