Travelmate Robotics

Travelmate Robotics

Unique Multi Purpose Robots

Min Investment
Las Vegas, NV
Offering Date
August 24, 2021
Expected Close Date
February 23, 2022
Target Raise
Security Price

Company Description

Travelmate Robotics, Inc. has created a robot assistant that can carry your stuff like a self-moving suitcase and help make your everyday life more convenient. We believe Travelmate robots will become a part of people’s everyday lifestyles, just like smartphones have become an integral part of people’s day to day lives. It’s powered by a proprietary patented movement system, which utilizes artificial intelligence as well as machine learning to follow you wherever you go -- this robot will get smarter the longer you use it.

Key Deal Facts

Support a growing industry: the consumer robotics market makes over $1 billion.
Be on the cutting edge of airline travel: We are one of the only robotic suitcases compliant with all airline regulations.
Be part of the buzz: We have gained extensive recognition with over 3,000 articles written about Travelmate Robotics.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Maximillian Kovtun, President & Director
Max is one of the founders of Travelmate Robotics and has worked in this industry for 5 years. He has experience in robotics, manufacturing and technology. Max was a part of International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a jury member for technological innovation.

Taras Yermakov, CTO & Vice President
Taras Yermakov has more than 7 years in experience with robotics development. He oversees research and development. He has been with us from the start. Taras is at the forefront of experimental robotics development and is an integral part of Travelmate Robotics.

Leonid Kovtun, Director
Leonid Kovtun has extensive knowledge in manufacturing, supply chain logistics, robotics, and management. He serves as a Director within the company.
Amount Raised : $100,715
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