OTACA Tequila

OTACA Tequila

Once Tried, Always Craved Agave

There is purity in tequila. It is a straightforward process, yet it remains somewhat mysterious. Generations of knowledge anchor it and pass it down, hoping to produce magic in a bottle. OTACA is such a story. It is the journey of an entrepreneur with love for agave, always producing the perfect expression for the passion and appreciation of Tequila.

Security Type
Common Stock
Min Investment
Aliso Viejo, CA
Offering Date
August 31, 2021
Expected Close Date
March 02, 2022
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Anthony Accetta, CEO
A graduate of the school of hard knocks, Anthony Accetta successful entrepreneur career has seen a few twists and turns, but hard work and determination has enabled him to pursue his dreams. After building a series of state of the art and very lucrative car wash properties on the west coast, as well as his work as a renowned developer and builder of luxury properties, Anthony is not a man to sit on his laurels. His next challenge is commensurate with someone whose appetite for a life well-lived has led him on a quest to find the perfect tequila which has transformed him from consumer to entrepreneur. He is driven with passion, vision and a singular goal in mind: finding the smoothest, most perfect (as tequila is called) and bringing it to the perfect audience, OTACA Tequila is the culmination of years of research, experimentation. OTACA Tequila is poised to be a relevant player in what has become one of the fastest growing segments in the spirits industry. As he is fond of saying, and so much so, that he trademarked this phrase in 2011 sure that it would become a global name, which is now our motto and our name, once tried, always craved... Agave, OTACA!

Nicole Accetta, CFO
Nicole brings a literal artist pallet of skills to our enterprise. A native of British Columbia, Canadian, who has made Southern California her home for over a decade, she is an accomplished artist whose hyper realism paintings have taken the watch world by storm. Her keen eye, and mastery of detail are welcome and valuable assets, alongside her business acumen and diligence. She most notably has been a successful real estate developer with several outstanding homes to her credit. Organizing and operating high stress/ high revenue business are not a new field for Nicole Accetta. Passionate and driven, which allows her to see the big picture and ensure that our relationships with distributors and retailers are efficient and profitable. Our operations are in great hands with Nicole.

Jack Ambriz, Strategic advisor
Jack is a creative director and strategic advisor that has been responsible for creating brand images and strategy for well recognized luxury spirit brands. House of Carbonadi, Louis XIII Cognac, Taittinger Champagne, and many other luxury lifestyle brands such as VanDutch Yachts, Gulfstream Aviation, Pagani Automobile, Difference Coffee and many more. He is a published photographer featured in Forbes, Nobleman, and Voyage LA. He uses his skill sets to help startups find their brand voice and execute marketing plans that result in positive ROI. He is currently involved with wine start up Yahyn, a platform that democratizes the 3-tier system and allows consumers and vineyards to get closer than ever. Jack will be a valuble asset for OTACA Tequila, continually putting us in the forfront of the Luxury spirit industry.

Talia Samuels , Public Relations
With a decade of hospitality public relations experience, Talia Samuels is one of the most sought- after publicity specialists in her industry. As the founder & president of Outshine Public Relations, Talia works on behalf of an all-star client roster, including AAA Five Diamond-awarded properties, celebrity restaurateurs, and Michelin-starred, James Beard Award-winning chefs and of course OTACA Tequila. Talia integrity and expertise distinguish her as a trusted source for her media colleagues. Recognized as a force in her field, she has proven expertise in developing, implementing, and executing communications strategies that increase brand awareness, foster community connection & recognition through creative public relations campaigns, social media strategies, and special events.

Joel Garcia Barreto, Master Tequilero & Owner
Joel comes from many generations of artisanal Tequilero's in Jalisco Mexico. He has been harvesting and producing tequila for many years. Tradition, family and honor are reasons for his incredible reputation and why he is so widely respected and sought after in the tequila production industry.

Kenji Delgado , International Business Advisor
Kenji Delgado has been a friend and business associate of the founders for many years. Education: Bachelors Degree - International Business - CSUS. He is currently CEO for a management firm, a partner with multiple Corporations, and has created a franchise in South America. Kenji Delgado has developed multiple successful projects and his leadership and entrepreneurs abilities speaks volumes as a successful business man.

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Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

Key Deal Facts

Tequila is one of the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages in the US. Just surpassing Vodka as the #2 spirit in the USA. In 2019, the US imported 22,728,141 9-liter cases of tequila, which is more than 40-times the second leading importer, Germany
We are a worldwide top shelf sipping artisanal tequila at a mid-level price. We strategically priced ourselves below our comparable competitors while not sacrificing quality of production
OTACA Tequila has a proprietary triple filtration and chilling process creating a tequila smooth enough to sip straight without a burning sensation when sipped.