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August 24, 2021
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February 23, 2022
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Company Description

Capital Pipeline is transforming public data into state-of-the-art business analytics. Our cutting-edge AI and robotic process automation technology centralizes previously segregated and unstructured public data stuck in city, county, state, and federal agency rabbit holes. Through advanced visualization and customization, Capital Pipeline gives access to the tools, details, and forecasts that businesses need in order to make smart, strategic decisions.

Key Deal Facts

The size of the big data technology market is projected to grow from $41B in 2019 to $116B by the end of 2027, with increasing integration of AI and machine learning further boosting growth.
Capital Pipeline’s data will contain over $1.7 trillion dollars in public construction and major capital purchases set to be spent in the next five years. The company is amassing a comprehensive dataset with unparalleled insight into the construction industry supply chain: data that presents monetization opportunities in many economic sectors, including materials, finance, industrials, and utilities.
Our project has gained the attention of the world best technology companies. In 2021, we were named a Google Cloud Startup and began a partnership with Automation Anywhere, a world leader in Intelligent Document Processing and AI data integration.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Stephanie Dyan Nelson, CEO, Founder, and Director
Stephanie Nelson is the creator of Capital Pipeline and serves as its CEO. She leads the research and development, technology, data integration, operations, marketing, and communications for Capital Pipeline. Before founding Capital Pipeline in 2019, Stephanie led the creation of new markets for large multi-national general contractors since 2001. She was responsible for research and development, establishing the team, setting strategy, getting board support including resources, targeting first clients, winning first projects, and helping establish leadership and operations. Working with talented firms and teams, she led the development of over $4 Billion in new market revenue. This experience, and the research required to succeed, was the foundation for Capital Pipeline. She understands the value of data in the competitive construction industry.
Amount Raised : $27,479
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