Vitamin Energy

Vitamin Energy

Energy with Benefits

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Revenue Sharing
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Glen Mills, PA
Offering Date
August 19, 2021
Expected Close Date
February 16, 2022
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Company Description

Vitamin Energy is a health-conscious energy shot that combines vitamins with natural caffeine to provide a boost of energy that lasts up to 7+ hours. We carefully formulated Vitamin Energy to be sugar-free, zero net carbs and packed with vitamins.

Key Deal Facts

The $2.5 billion energy shot market is the fastest-growing segment of the overall energy drink landscape, and according to IRI, Vitamin Energy had the fastest growing Energy Shot in the US in Q1 2021.
World-class management team that is led by our CEO Ris Meguair, who previously took 5-hour Energy from $0 to over $1B in annual sales.
Vitamin Energy has gained significant traction already, tripling its revenue every year since its inception and surpassing $1M in sales last year.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ris Meguiar, CEO
Meguiar, the former President of Sales at Innovation Ventures, doing business as Living Essentials/5-Hour ENERGY, will spearhead efforts to expand Vitamin Energy to new heights in the energy shot category. Meguiar served as President of Sales for Living Essentials from 2000 to 2019. She has an extensive background in consumer product sales management in all classes of trade. Meguiar managed sales of all Living Essentials products to all classes of trade to maximize advantages in volume, market share and profit. Responsibilities included introduction of all new and existing Living Essential products in drug, mass, grocery, c-stores and special market classes of trade.

Brittany Black, COO & Director
Brittany has 11 years in operations management with deep experience in logistics, procurement, quality, data warehouse management and analytics programs.The entire operation at Vitamin Energy is managed by Brittany, from Amazon to Customer Service to Quality Assurance, Brittany manages a growing team of eclectic and smart people.

Kurt Dinkelacker, CFO
Kurt has 25 years of Executive Financial experience at Endosome Therapeutics, VasoCardea, Inc. Aptuit, Retrievex., TeleSpectrum, IKON Office Solutions. At Vitamin Energy Kurt has implemented financial disciplines that dictate how the business operates. Kurt runs a tight AR ship at Vitamin Energy and has built strong financial underpinnings.
Amount Raised : $253,772
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