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Common Stock
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San Diego, CA
Offering Date
September 01, 2021
Expected Close Date
March 02, 2022
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Company Description

PromoDrone creates engaging aerial advertising drones, designed to help brands reach wider audiences.

Key Deal Facts

Our total available market is predicted to be worth more than $584 billion by 2028, while our serviceable available market is worth $146 billion and our serviceable obtainable market is worth $365 million.
PromoDrone has managed to drive and lead the industry sector, with its platform effectiveness, market position and proven approach of empowering customers to improve their ROI and build more brand value, while simultaneously achieving key KPIs.
PromoDrone has raised $50k in investments, attained over $25k in grants and additional revenue, and has been featured by press such as Fox 5 San Diego and iHeart Media CEO, You Should Know and promotional placement.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jamar S Williams, Founder & CEO
Jamar is a FAA Certified Remote Pilot in Command and a creative visionary with demonstrated success in entrepreneurship, innovation and creation, drone operations, and business development. His early career was founded on important financial perspectives as an executive in the financial services industry where he successfully managed teams as large as fifteen employees as a Branch Manager of several banking institutions. He is a natural creator and a leader that finds inspiration in empowering others.

As a banker at several Fortune 500 institutions as well as owner of Dream Shore Studios, Jamar has honed his business development and corporate communication skills and generated over $10 million in new money and lending and more recently has sourced and managed the production of many cinematic projects that have been featured for high profile commercial real estate brokerages and businesses throughout Southern California. Jamar has an extensive background in B2B sales and relationship management and is an expert negotiator and presenter.
Amount Raised : $33,483
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