RedSwan CRE

RedSwan CRE

Blockchain Commercial Real Estate Marketplace

Security Type
Real Estate
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Houston, TX
Offering Date
September 18, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 17, 2021
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Company Description

Blockchain commercial real estate marketplaceRedSwan CRE was founded in early 2018 with the vision to transform the nature of capital markets tied to the commercial real estate (“CRE”) industry. Specifically, Red Swan is using blockchain technology to tokenize equity limited partnership shares of Class A and B CRE properties.Through tokenization, RedSwan CRE can fractionalize direct CRE ownership, making institutional-grade CRE more accessible and attractive to smaller investors with low minimum investment thresholds. Quality, off-market CRE, historically exclusive to deep pocketed private equity and banking firms, are now available to a greater number of individual and institutional market participants. Tokenization also allows us to streamline and compress the time it takes for real estate developers and sponsors to raise equity capital for their projects. A process that traditionally takes many months to complete and requires many intermediaries and a lot of tedious paperwork can be shortened into days or weeks at lower cost.By representing CRE ownership in the form of digital tokens, the possibility of 24/7 liquidity for CRE can now be a reality. RedSwan CRE's vision is for real estate, over time, to be easily traded in the secondary market like common stocks today.RedSwan CRE operates a Marketplace that showcases digital CRE investment opportunities. We attract Accredited Investors within the United States under Regulation D and International Investors outside the US under Regulation S. All investments are offered at a very affordable $1,000 minimum commitment. Since founding, we have closed two seed rounds of financing, onboarded $2 Bn worth of properties on the platform, finalized issuance technology, created a Registered Investment Advisory division and formed partnerships and relationships with world class technology, financial services and blockchain companies. 

Key Deal Facts

Tokenized over $2B worth of commercial real estate properties on online marketplace
Key partners and service providers include world-class organizations such as Coinbase, Polymath, Templum and Ernst & Young, as part of the Entrepreneurs Access Network's inaugural cohort
Founder & CEO has 17+ years of experience in commercial real estate brokerage with Cushman & Wakefield and Colliers International and led prior e-commerce startup in the late 90s through multiple venture rounds and eventual exit
Raised $1M+ over two seed funding rounds

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ed Nwokedi, Founder & CEO
Edward Nwokedi has 17 years' experience with brokerage and client advisory services working with Colliers International and with Cushman and Wakefield as the Executive Director of Capital Markets Group. He is one of Houston’s repeat top performers with over $2 billion in successful transactions. Prior to his CRE career, Edward was a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded and exited a venture-backed startup he built to a Fortune 500 Company.

Roy Malkin, Co-Founder & COO
Roy is a Tech Entrepreneur through Venture Aviator, which has built growth tech companies with multiple TechCrunch Disrupt Awards and exits to Amazon, Cisco and Ten-X.  Prior to becoming a serial entrepreneur, Roy had Fortune 500 experience at Disney, Liberty Media and Credit Suisse.  Roy received his MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA. 

Don Oparah, Co-Founder and CTO
Don has a PhD in IT from University of Cambridge, UK and is a TED speaker and Oxford University speaker on tech innovation. Don has over 20 years of enterprise and startup technology experience as an early employee at publicly traded technology company Agilysys and later as Founder and Director of The Venture Accelerator at University of California, Santa Barbara. Don participated in launching over 20 startups in his career, many of them were successfully backed by leading venture funds and several acquired by Fortune 500 companies.
Amount Raised : $735,214
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