Glove City Brewing

Glove City Brewing

Craft Beer Brewery in New York

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Gloversville, NY
Offering Date
September 17, 2021
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Company Description

Our mission is to cultivate an inviting & inclusive atmosphere within downtown Gloversville offering high quality, locally brewed craft beer and fresh home-made pub styled food.

Key Deal Facts

The Brew: A fresh and rotational menu of craft beer rotated on a weekly basis. On average two –three beers will be released on a weekly basis for pick up and on premises.
Our system will produce a total of 16 kegs per week or 992 pints (draft or cans) or 248 4-packs of pint-sized cans (we will mix the output pints vs kegs).
In addition, we will work with the Craft Beer Guild to begin distribution along with local beverage centers in early 2023.
While we will produce our own beer, we will stay current with local brewery “releases” and latest brew trends.
Live music and outdoor games will be provided!
The Grub: The Sturgess Family is widely known for its experience in the restaurant business. Specifically, BBQ, catering, bar styled restaurants and of course the pizza industry. We will offer FRESH pub styled food with a Sturgess Family Twist to each option.
It’s not just beer, it’s about the experience and what we do for people.
Each month a portion of proceeds will be donated to local youth organizations and those who support our community. This is something (we) my family takes seriously and can observed demonstrating these acts on a regular basis between the Campers Corner Store and Sturgess Family BBQ.
In addition, this sector of our family food business will be branded “Sturgess Family Pub Grub.

Use of Proceeds

  • Purchase Property 
  • Mainvest Comp 

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Edward C Sturgess Jr, OWNER
Bachelors in Business Management & Economics. 15 years of business management and leadership experience, currently a Director of Customer Service. Experiencing managing 400+ employees for last 10 years. GESD School Board Member

15 years management & training experience managing 400+ employees. 5 years of home brewing experience.
Amount Raised : $10,500
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