Joanna's Tonic Syrups

Joanna's Tonic Syrups

She Has A Way With Ingredients


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Revenue Sharing
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Wellman, IA
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July 30, 2021
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October 29, 2021
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Joanna Mouming, Owner
Joanna is no stranger to the food industry. She worked at both Kalona SuperNatural and Frontier Herbs—two leaders in the food industry. During that time, she recalls having her palette tested. “I never knew there was a thing called a perfect palette,” Mouming said. “But apparently mine is about as close as it comes. It’s the reason I’m using the tagline, ‘She has a way with ingredients.’

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Key Deal Facts

Produced in small batches: Joanna’s is lovingly made in small quantities to elevate the natural essence of the ingredients and create a tonic that’s aesthetically beautiful
Carefully selected ingredients: Made with raw citrus juices, spices, real cinchona bark, and other natural ingredients, Joanna’s is a tonic syrup you can feel good about sipping and serving
Pleasantly bitter: Create great-tasting cocktails with the palate-pleasing bitterness and classically distinct flavor of a premium tonic syrup.
Pairs nicely with spirits: Add Joanna’s to practically any spirit in your liquor cabinet, including gin, silver tequila, mezcal, Aperol, sparkling wine, white rum, and vodka, or make it a mocktail.