Revolutionize the way we produce paper products to help planet Earth for generations to come

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Convertible Note
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La Salle, CO
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September 22, 2021
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April 30, 2022
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Company Description

Paper can be made from grass too. In the US as well as globally, grass is more abundant than trees.  Grass also replenishes itself much faster.  Trees used to make paper take 15 years from seed to mature before it is harvested. Grass pulp is SUSTAINABLE for many reasons. It is abundant (readily available through communities) and characterized by rapid growth. As mentioned above, this will reduce transportation pollution and third-party costs. Processing trees requires a lot of more electrical energy and chemical use which results in extreme pollution wastes. This is costly and harms the environment. Essentially, grass offers us the exciting opportunity for a closed-loop supply chain in meaningful ways like restoring the planet and providing for the community. We can take grass from our community and give back in consumable paper product forms, embracing the "circle of life" concept.

Key Deal Facts

100% grass products - Eliminate cutting trees for paper making.
Sustainable - Abundant and locally available. Cheaper to process. Eco-friendly.
Reduce plastic waste - Reduce single-use plastic wastes on land and in oceans.
Manufacture in USA - create jobs opportunities for the community.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Bao Ho, CEO
Bao graduated with a BA in Finance. Overseeing and strategically forecasting a family landscaping business. Spent 15+years as a contractor for different government departments as an Analyst.
Amount Raised : $76,310
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