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September 24, 2021
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April 30, 2022
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Company Description

ORBAI is developing Artificial General Intelligence with conversational speech and human-like AI that will serve the world online in AI professional services for information, finance, medicine, law, and others delivered via all connected devices.

Key Deal Facts

ORBAI has a team of engineers, neuroscientists, artists and 3D graphics engineers specializing in revolutionizing the Artificial Intelligence market
The AI market was $27B US in 2019, and with a CAGR of 33.2%, we expect it will grow to $267B US by 2027
ORBAI offers professional online AI Services like medical, legal, finance, and others are often inaccessible today because professionals in these fields are very expensive and in short supply.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Brent Oster, Founder, CEO
Brent started his career as a co-founder at Bioware, then went on to work at Electronic Arts, Autodesk, Lucasfilm, and NVIDIA before founding ORBAI. He has a BASc in Aerospace Engineering, an MSc in Computer Science and was a military pilot. His career has focused on 3D rendering, simulation and AI, working 2014 -2018 with NVIDA as a Sr Solution Architect in Deep Learning before founding ORBAI.

Corey Usher, Operations Lead
Corey attended The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology to obtain Instrumentation, Automation, and Electrical certificates and later completed a PMC. He is the founder of multiple companies and has sat on the board for for-profit and non-profits. His experience running Automation, Health care, Agriculture, Construction, and Viticulture companies made him a good fit to grow Orbai as the COO.

Gunnar Newquist, Neuroscientist Advisor
Gunnar Newquist is an entrepreneur and PhD scientist who has invented neuroscience-based AI algorithms from his own biology research and developed automation robots in biotech. As a former “pioneer” extreme ski athlete and former concert pianist, he is a proven high performer combined with finessed attention to detail in all of his endeavors. Gunnar uses his rare combination of creative and technical skills to help drive innovation toward AGI at Orbai.

Eric Young, Engineering Advisor
Eric is currently the Engineering Manager of Software Autonomous Vehicles at NVIDIA, and advises ORBAI part-time.
He was Brent Oster's manager in the NVIDIA Devtech team, to enable partners to leverage NVIDIA's software and hardware capabilities. By closely working with them, we took software optimizations and algorithm development, to find interesting and creative ways partners can take advantage of GPU architectures.
Amount Raised : $76,725
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