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New York, NY
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September 25, 2021
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April 29, 2024
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Email solution enabling users to browse, select, and make purchases without leaving their inboxIn a world where 293 billion ‘static’ emails are sent per day, AppMail (formerly SeatAssignMate) has developed an interactive email technology that transforms everyday emails into an app-like experience. We aim to revolutionize how companies attract, retain, and convert their customers. Our mission is to help brands create seamless end-to-end customer experiences by providing an intuitive interactive email that sparks engagement and drives action.ProblemEmail is a critical customer engagement tool in the digital age. When done well, emails promote effective information exchange, strengthen relationships, and encourage consumers to take action. However, emails today fail to meet these goals. Why? Consumers today value convenience and ease-of-use above all else. They want their interactions with companies to be comfortable and straightforward. When users have to navigate to external web pages, battle login screens, and so on, they become frustrated and it harms engagement. 


A free domestic one-way ticket on JetBlue business Private dinner with AppMail Founder/CEO in New York A free transatlantic or trans-Caribbean one-way ticket on JetBlue business Private dinner with AppMail Founder/CEO in New York - including a helicopter pick up from JFK/EWR tarmac to midtown Manhattan

Key Deal Facts

Backed by JetBlue Technology Ventures and ELAL (Israel) Airlines; successfully raised on SeedInvest in 2019 Integrated with Google product and secured a contract with LATAM Airlines Group IP includes one U.S. technology patent and other pending patents in Europe and China protecting seat assignment use case AppMail customers can see up to 90% of users engaging with content for at least 18 seconds (compared to 13.4 seconds industry average in 2018), with a conversion rate of up to 37% (engagement and conversion figures based on data from January 2019) Advisors include the co-founder of Priceline

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

SHI LI, Founder & CEO Shi is the "sensei" of the AppMail team. He is a serial entrepreneur with a background deeply rooted in business. Previously, he built both consumer and business-facing companies in the United States and Asia. Shi's personal mission is to help transform brands through strategy and digitization.  Duncan Sham, Founder & Product Manager Duncan wears the creative belt on the team with over a decade of experience in design for global brands. He’s guided by problem solving principles with a passion for building innovative experiences, exploring form, functionality and user experience.

Amount Raised : $856,324
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