The Pacific NW Rural Broadband Alliance

The Pacific NW Rural Broadband Alliance

Building powered broadband for rural communities

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Missoula, MT
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September 28, 2021
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Company Description

We formed the Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance (PNWRBA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to provide rural communities the tools and resources they need to solve this problem they collectively face. We offer a low-cost solution to this digital divide by building locally-based high-speed broadband networks that pay customers for hosting wireless relays that grow their network's size, speed, and reliability.

Key Deal Facts

Missoula Valley Internet Co-op soft-launch successful, delivering 100-500mb/s symmetric speeds to over 50 customers in the Grant Creek area, initial service area covering over 400 homes, with over 500 pre-registered customers ready and waiting.
The investments we make in our networks reach ROI in 8-9 months, becoming profitable within a year.
Conservative estimates for our organization's 5-year revenue projections are in the range of over $2 million annually.
Working with Mission West Community Development Partners to form the Mission Valley Internet Co-op, with over 100 customers already pre-registered, and formal support from the city of Polson.
In the final planning stages of launching our first Washington network on Anderson Island with over 10% of the island's permanent residents pre-registered.
Working in partnership with solar technology company to produce green energy broadband infrastructure solutions.
Actively developing numerous partnerships with other cutting-edge technology companies.

Use of Proceeds

With adequate funding we will be able to meet and exceed the considerable demand we have already generated, launch additional networks across the state, and make a substantial and lasting impact on Montanans’ technology adoption and the ability to access the modern broadband service they urgently need.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Elvis Nuno, President, Co-Founder, and Head of Montana Network Operations
Elvis was born and raised in Missoula, Montana and is a veteran in the telecom and wireless ISP industry. He has a specialization in network engineering, automation and cloud engineering, and is a senior Developer Operations specialist.

Kevin Mesiab, Vice President, Co-Founder, and Head of Business Operations
Kevin was raised in Tacoma, Washington. He has over twenty-five years as a full stack developer and engineer with a wide and varied background inside technology industries, including the telecom and wireless ISP industry.

Jacob Dobie, Co-Founder and Head of Washington Operations
Jacob was born and raised in Gig Harbor, Washington. He has over 13 years of experience working on enterprise, small business and consumer grade networks and infrastructure. He has successfully completed over 15 large-scale and numerous small- and medium-scale network deployments. He has extensive experience with building, supporting and maintaining both wired and wireless networking infrastructure.
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