SongSplits by Song Solutions

SongSplits by Song Solutions

The DNA of the Music Business

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Common Stock
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Sullivans Island, SC
Offering Date
September 30, 2021
Expected Close Date
March 30, 2022
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Company Description

SongSplits is a free and secure online platform on track to become the universal standard for music rights management. Through this digital platform, music collaborators can easily input and cross-verify their song credits and royalty agreements. Serving 250,000 users and counting, SongSplits is revolutionizing the music business by putting power—and money—back in the hands of the artists.

Key Deal Facts

SongSplits has devised a simple, straightforward solution that will change the way that artists are recognized and compensated for their work. Supporting the hardworking songwriters that form the heart of the industry will ensure a rich and diverse future of music.
The SongSplits technology is built to scale, having already attracted tens of thousands of users. Investment dollars go towards marketing and growth of a proven product.
Billions of dollars in music royalties still sit with the big corporations; without proper documentation, this money will never reach the songwriters themselves.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Todd Wright, Director & Co-CEO
Having run a highly successful business management firm since 2007, Todd works with award-winning songwriters, producers, and music estates. He is looked at to guide the business aspects of their lives so they can focus on their creative talents. He brings a deep understanding of music publishing as well as business operations to further expand as it becomes the industry standard.

Al "Butter" McLean, Director, Co-CEO & Chief Business Development Officer
Al "Butter" McLean is a Billboard Power Player and executive in the music business for 15 years. In April 2020, he was tasked by Empire Music, the largest independent music distributor in North America, with building its publishing division. Prior to that, Al was VP of Creative at Kobalt Music for 14 years, where he revolutionized the music publishing business. He was responsible for the acquisition of songwriters' administration rights and music catalogs, developed marketing strategies to exploit products, solicited client products to 3rd party ventures.

Jeremy DuVall, Head of Technology Development
Jeremy Duvall is the Head of Technology Development for SongSplits and founder of 7Factor Software, a custom DevOps and cloud-based systems and software company that builds from the beginning for stability, security, and scalability for large, tech-savvy corporations and growth-stage startups with high growth potential.
Jeremy is a software craftsman with more than a decade of experience building and advising others on how to build rugged, performant, and beautiful software in nearly every industry. He has a commitment to build a smart, flexible, human-centric team of experienced software architects, engineers, and developers who obsess about quality and expert advice and execution.
Amount Raised : $13,817
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