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September 30, 2021
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April 28, 2022
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Company Description

Mechanism Wellness is helping everyday people identify and address the underlying mechanism (root imbalance) behind their visible symptoms through a personalized holistic digital wellness plan that costs less than a cup of Starbucks coffee a day. Mechanism Wellness began generating revenue in May 2021.

Key Deal Facts

Wellness has become a top priority for consumers, resulting in a $260 billion industry expected to grow to over $600 billion by 2026.
Our amazing founders, partners, and medical advisors have built a personalized holistic digital wellness platform with multiple revenue channels and revenue streams including our own branded practitioner-grade Non-GMO, Allergen-Free line of quality tested supplement product
Within the first two months of launch, PepsiCo, Censia, Indecomm, MetricStream, FactorLaw, and Lifebalance have signed up to offer our products and services to employees and their family members. We have also signed a partnership agreement with American Benefit Consulting who support over 120 fortune 500 companies for employee healthcare and wellness.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Shakti Jauhar, CEO, Co-Founder, Director
A well-recognized influential leader with over 25 years of cross-functional operational experience driving strategic and complex global initiatives. A CPG insider creating value and strategic advantage for enterprises like PepsiCo, leveraging technology innovation and optimization. Managed PepsiCo employee Healthcare and Wellness programs, a $700MM global self-insured P&L. Launched the first-ever global wellness initiative tied to Healthcare resulting in significant returns.

Mona Jauhar, Director & Co-Founder
A Registered Dietician and a Functional Medicine Practitioner with 20 years of experience and a successful practice in New York. Mona has dedicated her career to revolutionizing food as medicine in treatment and prevention of diseases. Her mission is deeply rooted in creating awareness regarding the significance of therapeutic food and clean environment. Mona passionately encourages health & wellness in the community through her TV show in India, "Food as Medicine" on FamHealth.

Dr. Chris Turnpaugh
Co-Founding Partner, Functional Neurology & Formulations
CEO of Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center and a 25-year functional medicine veteran, Dr. Chris Turnpaugh has earned a reputation amongst his peers of being well respected and incredibly knowledgeable. He frequented lectures to colleagues, medical students, and doctors of all disciplines to promote a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of the functional medicine model of health and its clinical applications.

Dr. Arti Chandra
Mechanism Wellness Advisor
Dr, Arti is a conventionally trained medical doctor with 25 years of clinical experience in major clinical centers and has a Masters's degree in Public Health. She has practiced Functional Medicine for 25 years at a major medical center in Seattle. Dr. Arti is one of the initial batches of certified Functional Medicine practitioner and also serves at a faculty at the Inst for FM and also serves on the Executive Leadership Council for the Personalized and Lifestyle Medicine Institute.

Dr. BB Beba
Mechanism Wellness Advisor
Dr. BB Beba is a doctor of clinical nutrition and licensed nutritionist.
She has a chemical engineering and corporate marketing background prior to her grad level studies in clinical and functional nutrition. She practices with the principles of functional medicine, helping her patients locally and globally through personalized nutrition. Her main focus is women and families with chronic inflammatory conditions. She currently resides in New Jersey, with her husband and 2 kids, a kindergartener and a high schooler.

Dr. Martín-J. Sepúlveda
Mechanism Wellness Advisor
Dr. Martin is a senior executive physician with a proven ability to apply leadership, quantitative, technology, and health systems skills to transform approaches to individual and population health, health benefits, and workforce and health systems performance. I am working with health, data, and tech start-up companies positioned for rapid growth providing market, network, data and evidence, and executive operational support.

Dr. Tara Scott
Mechanism Wellness Advisor
Dr. Tara Scott first became involved with hormone and integrative medicine while practicing as an OB/GYN. Her empathy for patients experiencing hormone-related issues led her to become trained and certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She has an evidence-based practice where helps many patients conquer chronic wellness issues and her practice is devoted strictly to evidence-based regenerative medicine, highly focused on hormone-related issues.

Gray Gauba
Founder and MD at the CXO Fund • Founder and Exec Chairman at TruU • Co-Chairman at NextGen Cyber Talent
Gary Gauba is a successful entrepreneur with over 25+years of executive management experience. He has a remarkable ability to build sustainable brands through visionary leadership, business acumen, and strong execution. Gary is known for founding start-ups and transforming them into market leaders.
Gary is currently focused on curating the next set of disruptive companies through a unique platform at The CXO Fund that he launched in 2018 whose LPs are a diverse group of over 100 CXOs. Over the past two decades, Gary has boot-strapped, self-funded, and successfully exited three companies: Cognilytics, Systech, and Softline.
Amount Raised : $75,277
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