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Yummy Future (yc S19)

Yummy Future (yc S19)

Robotic coffee shops that can replace any chain coffee shop business

In 2018, Guangzhe and Yueming started Yummy Future in their apartment after graduating from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Their mission was to improve the coffee shop experience for both customers and owners. Despite high gross margin, increasing labor cost do not leave room for unpredictable events or seasonality of business.

Yummy Future helps coffeeshops build resilience from market volatility by reducing labor cost using robotics technology.

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Security Type
Min Investment
Champaign, IL
Offering Date
October 06, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 04, 2022

Use of Proceeds

These funds will be used to further polish our robotic coffee shop, begin production, fulfill pre-orders, and fuel sales nationwide.


Guangzhe Cui, Co-founder & CEO
Guangzhe dropped out from the University of Illinois on a MS Ph.D. track in ECE. Y Combinator and Google alum. His favorite coffee drink is hot latte with organic milk.

Yueming Yan, Co-founder & COO
Yueming has a Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Illinois - Champaign-Urbana. Y Combinator alum. His favorite coffee drink is chocolate Frappuccino.

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Key Deal Facts

25+ preorders, $3.75M+ value, looking to be fulfilled in mid-2022
Cost to open is 1/10th of a traditional coffee franchise and is 6x more profitable
Founders are Y Combinator alumni + award-winning innovators with patents pending
$50B market-making specialty coffee as accessible as a vending machine
Bootstrapped from idea to MVP and earning revenue in 6 months
Fast + Accurate making 1 iced latte in 30 seconds or 600 cups per day
Beta traction = $2,700 in revenue in 40 hours; $67.5 per hour revenue