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Just A Baby

Just A Baby

A mobile app that helps you find people and make babies

In 2016 the Australian founder, Paul Ryan planned to break the mold on how families are created, and children are conceived. After hearing so many heartfelt stories from other men and woman about needing sperm, egg or surrogacy services, Paul decided it was time to break the stereotypical cycle and create the new mobile app Just-A-Baby.

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Security Type
Preferred Stock
Min Investment
Delaware City, DE
Offering Date
October 06, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 04, 2022


Paul Ryan, CEO and Founder
People, Processes, Principles. Religious about growth, the customer is the guiding light. Paul runs a IT/software company for 20 years and spent much of his time in Product Management. His success comes from building strong teams of excellent people.

Erick Haryono, Development Team Lead and Co-Founder
A vastly experienced software development and architect, Erick is in charge of the back-end of Just a Baby. An entrepreneur at heart, he co-founded Just a Baby as a way to bring people together around a "can-do" attitude to help realise their dreams.

Eva Popielewska, Project Manager
The glue that holds the Just a Baby team together, Eva loves dancing, cooking, and family law. She joined the team to help create a supportive world where any responsible and loving adult can experience the joy of having a family.

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Key Deal Facts

Join a movement that connects consenting adults who want a baby: it takes a village!
Get involved in the booming $30B fertility industry: children are the future!
Invest in a product that has international media attention: the momentum is real!