Emerald River Maine

Emerald River Maine

Bringing canna wellness products to Massachusetts and Maine

There’s something about a wandering river that begs for our attention. Whether in the mountains, or within a city, where the canals bring the roaming waters near to our sight; we watch and drift along with the currents until our imaginations find the openness of the ocean. We become lost with a cup of coffee, while sitting in our favorite coffee shop, viewing a stream just outside an open window. We feel the peace and comfort that the gurgling movements bring to us. This is our adventure, as much as it is nature’s. It’s the wellness, and the strength of community in our neighbors which we w...

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Lewiston, ME
Offering Date
October 05, 2021
Amount Raised
Security Price
Deal Notes

Repayment Schedule-Annually


Maturity Date-October 1, 2026

Use of Proceeds

  • Opening Inventory 
  • Pre-open Payroll and training
  • Marketing
  • Licensing, Legal and Professional Fees
  • Point of Sale and video menus 
  • Misc interior upgrades
  • Mainvest Comp


Morriss M. Partee, FOUNDER/OWNER
Morriss is a lifelong resident of the Pioneer Valley, who resides in Holyoke, MA. From his design and marketing background, Morriss launched EverythingCU.com in 2000, a web site connecting thousands of credit union professionals nationally and internationally. Innovations Morriss pioneered at EverythingCU include webinars, online switch kits, and national branding events. His entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of the cannabis industry sets the foundation for the launch of a world-class cannabis retail store for the residents of Maine and beyond. He is leading Emerald River, responsible for analytics, compliance, SOPs, and communicating to all stakeholders. Morriss' son recently graduated from Syracuse University with honors.

Matthew A. Taggart, PRESIDENT/OWNER
On behalf of Emerald River Maine, Matt is responsible for researching and selecting the City of Lewiston. The Lewiston / Auburn region contains Maine's second largest population and is home to Bates College. The L/A region is experiencing growth, both with its population and commerce. Matt's research guided him to forge relationships with Emerald River Maine's realtor, the city planning department, state OMP official(s), environmental engineer, civil engineer, architect, and general contractor, whom is located roughly one mile from the construction site. Matt focused on working with as many regional entities as possible and is responsible for securing multiple avenues of product supply, along with overseeing the construction process. Matt will be introduced by the Chamber of Commerce on October 14th, 2021. Matt graduated from the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Matt is also an award-winning and published author. He currently lives in Maine, with his wife and son. A six-year resident of Maine, Matt is leading Emerald River Maine.

Deal Perks

  • Early Investor Bonus: The investment multiple is increased to 2× for the next $44,800 invested.

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A note is a financial security that generally has a longer term than a bill but a shorter term than a bond.

Key Deal Facts

Emerald River Androscoggin Holdings LLC, our real estate company, has secured $1.5 million to construct our recreational cannabis store in Lewiston, Maine.
Construction is underway and on track to be completed by December.
Our high-traffic location was formerly the site of the third McDonalds built in the state.