Pastries from Patagonia

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Food & Bev
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New York, NY
Offering Date
October 05, 2021
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Deal Notes

Repayment Schedule-Quarterly


Maturity Date-April 1, 2029

Company Description

Dulceria started when Marco Matheu and Daniel Minzer decided to embark in a new adventure. Something totally unknown to both of them. Marco coming from the fashion world and Daniel from corporate banking. The goal was capture the essence of Chilean pastry flavors and bring them to the rich cultural epicenter of Harlem. Dulceria is a place where people can taste the best of Chile in NYC.

Key Deal Facts

European and indigenous traditions have prominently influenced our modern Chilean cuisine.
Chile is known for its fantastic pasteles, alfajores, empanadas and native tropical fruit.
Demand is far outpacing our current set-up, giving the opportunity for expansion.

Use of Proceeds

  • Investment will be used to expand operations by building a central kitchen that would allow for an increase of production of 400-500% in a period of two to three years.
  • It will also be used to open one, or more, stores, in the same period, to increase retail sales and brand awareness.
  • We will also create a line of packaged and frozen products for wholesale.
  • Finally, the investment will be used to streamline brand recognition and marketing as well as hiring managers for the retail stores.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Daniel Minzer, OWNER
Daniel was born in Chile and raised in Venezuela. At 18 moved back to Chile and went to
Universidad Catolica where he got a degree in Architecture. After working in the field for a
couple of years decided to explore the world of business and finance and after working on
a few projects moved to New York to do an MBA at NYU’s Stern Business School where he
graduated with an specialization in finance and economics. Daniel worked in investment
and corporate banking at BNP Paribas, Macquarie Bank, SMBC and ABN Amro. After 17
years working in the field, he decided to pursue personal projects related to the hospitality
sector, including Dulceria.

Marco Matheu, OWNER
Marco was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and raised in Chile. He attended culinary school in
Vina del Mar and later moved to Sao Paulo where he also studied fashion design. After a few years in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, he moved back to Santiago where he started a catering business. Marco moved to New York in 2013 and started a leather fashion business. In 2018, together with Daniel, decide to embark in the creation of Dulceria.

Deal Notes

Repayment Schedule-Quarterly


Maturity Date-April 1, 2029

Amount Raised : $1,200
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