Sustainable Child-Safe Packaging

We offer pharma & supplement brands a sustainable alternative to single-use, plastic child-safe packaging that helps them reach their Corporate Social Responsibilty goals, proven glass milk bottle model, patented long-life child-safe cap mechanism, pat-pending robotic wash/test system to ensure child-safe integrity over a lifetime of reuses

Min Investment
Boulder, CO
Offering Date
September 23, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 27, 2021
Security Price


Dan Estoque, Founder & CEO
Dan has 25+ years helping entrepreneurs, startups, and Fortune 100 companies bring a wide range of products to market as a principal engineer and project manager. He holds 6 revenue- generating patents.

Nicholas Legare
Nick has 10+ years as a accomplished sales leader with a proven track record for growing brands and building successful teams. His achievements includes being awarded sales rep of the year, out of 184 reps, for a national consumer brand.

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Key Deal Facts

Plastics are becoming the largest global health crisis. Each year 1.4 billion lbs. of plastic, child-safe containers end up as environmental waste
Our refillable, glass containers remain child-safe over many reuses and will replace single-use, disposable plastic pill bottles
Our robotic wash & test system ensures that each container remains child-safe over a lifetime of reuses and refills
Child-safe packaging is a $19.3B market
We have demonstrated traction with our revenue-generating Canniloq brand