Oculis Mountain Side

Oculis Mountain Side

The hybrid of Glamping, Vacation Rentals, and Hotels

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Security Type
Convertible Note
Min Investment
Glacier, WA
Offering Date
October 11, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 09, 2022
Target Raise
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Company Description

Oculis Mountain Side combines the best of hotels, vacation rentals, and glamping by offering amenities more commonly found at traditional resorts and hotels, such as food & beverage service, wi-fi, and full, in-unit kitchens.

Key Deal Facts

Disrupting the $1.1 Trillion traditional hotels and alternative accommodation industries
Proven business model. Co-Founder successfully exited a similar business in Costa Rica
70% less staff than a traditional hotel of the same capacity
67% less construction costs compared to a vacation rental home in the same area
A+ rating on AIRDNA for location at Mt. Baker, WA
Strategically located at a convenient distance from both Seattle and Vancouver
All investments over $800 get Free 1 night’s stay at Oculis Mountain Side, WA

Use of Proceeds

  • 7.5% towards WeFunder fees.
  • 10% towards fees associated with marketing and promotion of WeFunder campaign.
  • 82.5% to be used in conjunction with construction loans to build 2 domes with power, water, internet, septic, and road access. This also addresses any legal or permitting fees associated with this construction as well as land acquisition costs.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Youri Benoiston, Founder
After the success of Igloo Beach Lodge in Costa Rica, he saw the more exciting possibilities of extending the concept internationally.

Mark Buehrer, Construction Consultant
Mark is the founder and director of 2020 ENGINEERING and is a recognized authority on green buildings. He is a registered professional civil engineer, author, and inventor.

Eduardo Castelazo, Architect/Design and 3D visualization
Eduardo is an architect based in Guadalajara Mexico, specialized in architectural and urban 3D visualization
Amount Raised : $51,500
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